Monday, February 23, 2015

Save More At the Pump Shell Fuel Rewards Network Refer A Friend Program


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Refer Friends and Save Even More - Details Below

While it's really nice that the price of gasoline has plummeted in recent months, it would be even nicer if there was a save for us all to save even more. That's what Shell Fuel Rewards Network (FRN) program is all about. 

How It Works

FRN is a free, simple to use national consumer loyalty program to regularly save money on fuel at the gas pump. Once you sign up, you will be really surprised because there are so many ways to rack up fuel rewards which reduce your cost of gas per gallon, adding up to saving big money at the gas pump.

Highlights of how easy it is save
Ongoing Ways to Earn FRN Rewards
  • Dine out at any of 10,000 participating restaurants and earn 10 cents off per gallon for qualifying purchases over $50
  • Shop online at more than 700 brand name merchants and get 5 cents off or more per gallon on qualifying purchases of $50 with some stores offering 2x, 5x and 10x the rewards
  • Save 3 cents/gallon on every fillup, even if you haven't saved up any rewards just by using your Fuel Rewards Network card
Special FRN Promotion til March 1, 2015
  • Spend a cumulative $100 on Fuel Rewards Network purchases at Toys "R" Us, JC Penney and Olive Garden to save 20 cents/gallon

That's It - Saving Big Money on Gas is Easy
Once you earn FRN rewards, simply redeem them at Shell and other participating fuel stations at home and when you travel. Then sit back and watch your price per gallon at every fillup drop.

Refer Friends & Save Even More - No limit to how much you can earn

Refer-A-Friend Fuel Rewards Network Program
Ready to save even more beyond all the ways described above to earn rewards that drop your price per gallon? If you sign up for free to join Fuel Rewards Network (FRN) using my personal referral link, you will then get 20 cents off gas per gallon for every person who signs up through your own newly-established special referral code. You can earn $40 per month in rewards, just for spreading the word to others. It's easy to participate FRN will be automatically be tracking my referrals as well as the referrals of MBE's readers who use my link to sign up. After signing up you will receive credit for any referrals secured using your own personal link.

Sign up TODAY

Shell Fuel Rewards Network

It's FREE and it can save you BIG money on gas when you shop at many stores and restaurants. 

FTC Disclosure: I received a thank you gift from Shell for spreading the word about the Shell Fuel Rewards Network program. However, opinions here are my own. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's home page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.

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