Monday, February 2, 2015

Wearable Tech Fashion: How to Be Stylish in the Twenty-First Century


As technology becomes a more prevalent part of life, it’s also becoming a more prevalent part of your appearance. Staying up to date with today's trends isn't only about having the best technology and looking stylish -- it's about using the tech to benefit your family while feeling confident with your look. If you're seeking more convenience, easier multi-tasking or just more 'cool' points, the following tech accessories may help.


One of the newest fads is the smartwatch. If you're tired of always checking your phone, it’s easy to wear a watch that syncs, via bluetooth, to your phone. For example, with the Samsung Gear S you can check your email and text messages and even reply with voice recognition software with just a couple commands and swipes of your finger.

However, smartwatches are still a new technology. This means that you need to find one that fits your needs. There are a lot of different options for smartwatches and smart gear, so it’s a good idea to look at the functionality of each device and make an informed decision. Some smartwatches are a little bulky on the wrist, but this may not be an issue if your normal watch is large as well. Regardless, there are enough options out there for you to find the style and functionality you’re looking for.

Edgy Laptop Tablet Bags at International CES
Edgy Laptop & Tablet Bags at Intl CES,

Laptop Bag

Laptop bags come in many shapes, sizes and styles. Your kids might prefer a bag that is more like a backpack to carry books, pens, paper (yeah, some professors still require that stuff) and laptop. Laptop backpacks typically have a padded section for laptops and many have a smaller pocket for tablets, phablets and phones.

If you’re a working professional, a messenger bag might be more your style. Messenger bags are designed to be comfortable while riding bicycles with an extra strap to keep them from slipping from around your shoulder, but they also can be stylish if you walk or drive to work. Messenger bags feature slim pockets and padded compartments, but your back won’t be sweaty once you arrive at your destination like it would be with a backpack. Check for specialized bags at trusted and sturdy companies like Timbuk2 and Chrome.

Handbag Bluetooth Portable Speaker,


Bluetooth speakers are getting more and more affordable. So now, you just have to pick a style that matches your home's decor. For example, Bose has many different styles and colors of bluetooth speakers, and Sony can give you a more Zen look.

If you want to take your speakers to the next level, then you need water speakers. This type of speakers brings an instant party feel to your decor. Basically, these speakers illuminate water with LED lights over your speakers. As the music plays, the vibrations of the music make the water dance and light up in different colors. You can find water speakers at a host of different stores and websites, but, like any other product, doing some research is a good idea before you make the financial commitment.

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