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Review Russell Madness Available on Bluray DVD from Air Bud Entertainment


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The Ferraro Family in Russell Madness, Image from Fox
It's been pretty much non-stop #RussellMadness around here for the past few weeks. First there was visiting the Fox Studios lot in the Century City area of Los Angeles with my daughter (and photographer) to meet the director and cast of Russell Madness and screen this kids movie from Air Bud Entertainment. Read all about our visit to Fox immediately below the review. Then there was the guest appearance yesterday of Russell and his human co-star, former WWE wrestling star John Hennigan at the Woofstock 90210 Dog Festival. Now, finally here is MBE's review, a slew of fun complimentary children's movie printables and another great Blu-ray DVD combo giveaway for you to enter.

Both these events that I attended were the prelude to Russell Madness which bounds onto home screens with the Bluray and DVD launching tomorrow, March 10. You too can get caught up in all the madness by entering MBE's Russell Madness Bluray DVD Giveaway and downloading these fun, free official movie printables for the kids.

Russell Madness star, Sarah Elspas


This endearing movie which is the 17th from Air Bud Entertainment, the creators of Air Bud and Air Buddies, is one that kids will enjoy for sure -- especially if they love live action animal actors with human qualities. But it is also a movie that is perfect for multiple generations to watch together because the central theme is all about the meaning of family. In fact, the motion picture's tagline "The Strongest Tag Team is Family" rings loud and true.

Russell high fives Max in a scene from the movie, Image from Fox
In this film we encounter tiny Russell, a homeless Jack Russell Terrier who after escaping from the pet store that enslaved him, is being bullied on the mean streets of Portland. As luck would have it, while Russell is looking for a family to call his own, the Ferraro family arrives in town in a desperate attempt to restore their grandfather's historic pro wrestling arena to its former glory days.

Animal costumes from Russell Madness, Janis Brett Elspas,
Soon the paths of the family including dad, mom, son and daughter and Russell cross and they join forces to form a new family. Then together they discover that this little runt of a dog has the most amazing wrestling skills which can save the Ferraro's multi-generation family business, potentially crating a fairytale happy ending for all.

Hunk the monkey as Russell's coach, Image from Fox
Helping make the family dream a reality is the unlikely Hunk, a smart, gruff and sassy monkey with a smile who coaches Russell on how to beat the ultimate fighter "The Hammer" (John Hennigan) in the arena. But that's not the only villain that Russell and the Ferraros have to fight against: they'll also encounter a dishonest wrestling promoter who's out to destroy everything the family and Russell have rebuilt unless things turn around before it's too late. 

John Hennigan & I, Photo by Sarah Elspas,
I won't spoil the twists and turns the on screen story takes, you'll have to see the movie yourself to find out what happens. What I can tell you is that you are in for non-stop action, fun and excitement when you watch this film with your kids.

Special Features included with the Blu-ray + DVD + Digital HD
  • A Hilarious Gag Reel
  • Raising the Woof: Training Russell
  • Five Little Monkeys Sing-Along
Fox Studios Backlot Los Angeles, Sarah Elspas
Meeting the Director, Cast & Animal Actors 

Among my favorite perks of working as a Fox Home Entertainment Insider brand ambassador for the past two years, is getting invited to special events on the Fox Studios lot like my daughter and I experienced ahead of the release of Russell Madness.

At Fox Studios for the media event, Sarah Elspas
What fun it was to first attend a private screening at the Fox Studios private theater with a small group of other invited media and family lifestyle bloggers. This was followed by a question and answer session and lunch with Director Robert Vince and the cast including David Milchard who plays the Ferraro family dad and former WWE wrestling star John Hennigan who has the role of "The Hammer."

Hennigan, Brightley, Milchard, Vince, Sarah Elspas

Also on hand for the press event were the all-important animal trainers dog trainer Doree Sitterly and monkey trainer Tom Gunderson who are both professionals who I deeply admire for the devotion and patience to their craft of getting animals to act in front of the cameras. Best of all we got to meet and take photos with the animal actors, Brightley, the dog who brilliantly plays Russell and the equally talented monkey Crystal, taking on the unforgettable character Hunk -- who you can also see in the Night At the Museum triology.

Crystal & David Milchard, Sarah Elspas
Fun Facts about Russell Madness
  • According to Robert Vince, the director, inspiration for the film's concept originally came from his team's weekly "What's Our Next Stupid Idea" meeting to put together something new and fresh that hasn't been done before: animals involved in the sport of wrestling
  • Brightley, the dog who plays Russell, is 2 years old and is actually one of four Jack Russells who worked on this film
  • In real life Crystal, who plays Hunk, is a 21 year-old capuchin female monkey who usually eats fruits and vegetables, but worked on set for yogurt, Nutella and mixed nuts 
  • CGI figures big in this movie where animals are talking and doing human-like behaviors, in fact there are more than 1200 visual effects that are used
  • In the shots where the dog and monkey appear to hug, it's actually only one live animal at a time with a stuffie
  • Filming animals and wrestling scenes was so complex on this project, says the director, it took 12 takes to shoot some of the movie's fight scenes
  • The actors' improv skills were particularly important because often times they were acting to a tennis ball or interacting with the director reading one of the animal's lines
Photographer Sarah Elspas with Brightley, Janis Brett Elspas,
Russell Madness includes English and Spanish subtitles and has an approximate run time of approximately 92 minutes. Available as of March 10, 2015 on Bluray + DVD + Digital HD for $29.99 list. For more on Russell Madness follow the movie on the official Facebook page.

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Image from Fox

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FTC Disclosure: In connection with this #RussellMadness post series, I disclose that I am a Fox Home Entertainment Insider #FHEInsiders brand ambassador. I received the Bluray DVD and was invited to attend several hosted events to facilitate this movie review, the associated giveaway and Russell Madness free printable kids activity sheets posts. In addition to complimentary printables for readers, Fox is supplying the prize and shipping for MBE's Russell Madness Blu-ray DVD Giveaway. However opinions here are my own. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.

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