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Twitter Party Calendar March 15-21 Schedule of Parties w/ Prizes - Continuous Updates

Twitter Parties

Constant Updates, Keep Checking Back + Sneak Peek at Future Weeks

Master Twitter Party Calendar - Including USA & Canada

Get all the details in this free constantly updated Master Twitter Chat Party Calendar listing tons of family friendly parties including specifics on prizes you can win and links to RSVP and participate. Includes Twitter Parties in the U.S. and Canada. A new weekly Twitter Party Schedule is published every Sunday at 9 am ET.

Be sure to check back often during each week as new events are added on an ongoing basis -- often with new prize-winning opportunities added several times per day. You'll also get a sneak peek at Twitter parties coming up next week and in the month ahead. Now listing Facebook, Pinterest and Google+ parties with prizes too.

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The majority of parties are for U.S. only, unless indicated otherwise. Look for 
highlights in pink for Twitter Parties where CANADA residents are eligible for prizes.

#ShareSabra Passover Twitter Party 3/16 at 8:30p ET


Sunday, March 15

Udderly Smooth Twitter Party at 9 pm ET with @udderlysmooth @mmc67. Prizes: NINE (9) Udderly Smooth giftbaskets, ONE (1) Grand Prize Pandora bracelet with cow bead charm. #UdderlySmooth RSVP

Monday, March 16

Snack Pack Mixins at 11 am ET with @conagrafoods @formulamom @aboutamom and others. Prizes: ONE (1) $50 Walmart GC, FIVE (5) $100 Walmart GCs. #SnackPackMixins RSVP

Fresh and Glow Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @msmissy62 @mommytalkshow @donnahup and others. Prizes: ONE (1) $50 Walmart giftcard, FIVE (5) $100 Walmart GCs. #FreshandGlow RSVP

National Nutrition Month Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @whatsthatsmell @beardandbonnet @beauty4moms. Prizes: TWO (2) Massel product prize packs, TWO (2) $50 VISA giftcards + Massel prize packs, ONE (1) Ninja Searious Slow Cooker + Massel products. #MasselNutrition Details

Share Sabra Twitter Party at 8:30 pm ET with @joyofkosher @joyofkoshermag @tamargenger @jamiegeller @sabra @mommyblogexpertPrizes: FOUR (4) $50 Amazon giftcards and ONE (1) $100 Amazon GC. #ShareSabra RSVP

Spring Halos Twitter Party at 10 pm ET with @halosfun @somedayilllearn. Prizes: $500 in VISA giftcards. #SpringHalos RSVP

Tuesday, March 17
St. Patricks Day

Lucky to Be So Fab Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @mamaluvsbooks @aliciamarie112 @themamareport. Prizes: SIX (6) $50 Starbucks giftcards. #LuckytoBeSoFab RSVP

More Luck Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @kmart @kmartdeals. Prizes: $200 in prizes. #MoreLuck RSVP

Pro Plan Pet Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with @proplan @outnumberedmama @babytoboomer and others. Prizes: ONE (1) $50 PetSmart giftcard, FIVE (5) $100 PetSmart GCs. #ProPlanPet RSVP

NYC Big Bold Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with @influenstervox @nycnewyorkcolor. Prizes: TBA. #NYCBigBold RSVP

Cover FX Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with @romyraves. Prizes: Cover FX product in winner's choice of shade. #CoverFX No RSVP follow hashtag #Dropportunity Details

Wednesday, March 18

MV CheezIt Twitter Party at 11 am ET with @freebies4mom @laughwithusblog @blm03 and others. Prizes: ONE (1) $50 Target giftcard, FIVE (5) $100 Target GCs. #MVCheezIt RSVP

Love Coffee Twitter Party at Noon ET with @crosscntrycafe @shesaved @seemomclick. Prizes: Prizes include a Keurig Brewer and year's worth of k-cups. #LoveCoffee RSVP

NMX & Type-A Parent Conference Twitter Party at Noon ET with @nmx @typeamom @typeaparent. Prizes: ONE (1) NMX Content Creator Pass ARV $497. #NMX RSVP

Sports Travel Twitter Party at Noon ET with @hotelsdotcom @seatgeek @travelwithtlc. Prizes: TWO (2) prize packages including a $150 giftcard and two tickets to a local SeatGeek event. Participate in party with hashtag #SportsTravel

Crispy Comeback Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @smashbravoteam @coolmom @athriftydiva and others. Prizes: ONE (1) $50 CVS giftcard, FIVE (5) $100 CVS GCs. #CrispyComeback RSVP

Spring Into Carters Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @momcentral @carters. Prizes: EIGHT (8) $50 Carter's giftcards. Participate in party with hashtag #SpringIntoCarters Details

Cruise Chat Twitter Party at 2 pm ET with @cruisenorwegian @nclandy. Prize: $50 giftcard. Participate in party with hashtag #CruiseChat

Rescue Stress Relief Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with @bachrescue @clever_network. Prizes: SIX (6) $50 VISA giftcards, ONE (1) Grand Prize Bose QuietComfort 20i Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones ARV $299.99. #RescueStreeRelief RSVP

Fox Bilingual Twitter Party at 4 pm ET with @foxhomeent @latinamomblogs @latinomarketing and others. Prizes: FOUR (4) Fox Empire and Deportes prize packs ARV $150. #FoxHispz15 RSVP

The Dovekeepers Twitter Party at 7 pm ET with @thedovekeepers @rolemommy @valerie2350. Prizes: SIX (6) autographed copies of The Dovekeepers. No RSVP, participate in party w/ hashtag #TheDoveKeepersAskAlice

Night at the Museum: Secret of the Tomb Twitter Party at 7:30 pm ET with @vocalpoint @museummovies @itsfreeatlast and others. Prizes: TWENTY (25) winners will get either a Family Night Movie kit with downloadable movie or a Blu-ray DVD combo pack. #VPMovieNight RSVP

Carl's Crew Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @subwaycanada. Prizes: Subway giftcards -
Canada residents ONLY eligible for prizesNo RSVP, participate in party with hashtag #CarlsCrew

National Sloppy Joe Day Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @crissy @dodomesticdad @simplystacienet. Prizes: FIVE (5) Manwich prize packs that include a $30 VISA giftcard and lots of branded goodies. #NationalSloppyJoeDay RSVP

Make Healthy Fun Twitter Party at 9 pm ET with @produceforkids @healthykids. Prizes: TBA. #MakeHealthyFun RSVP

Thursday, March 19

Macaroni Kid Kentucky Fried Chicken Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @kfc @supahmommy @mackidmamabear. Prizes: EIGHT (8) KFC $50 Chicken Checks, ONE (1) Grand Prize $500 KFC Chicken Checks. #MacKidNuggetVention RSVP

Up Your Breakfast Game Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @clever_network. Prizes: FOUR (4) prize packs that include a $25 Target giftcard + a special Skylanders General Mills Big G cereal, ONE (1) iPad Mini 16 GB + 4 Skylanders General Mills Big G cereals ARV $270. #UpYourBreakfastGame RSVP 

Wrinkle Free Travel Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @momscheckin @downywrplus @spaceshipslb and others. Prizes: FOUR (4) $25 Target giftcards + Downy Wrinkle Releaser, ONE (1) Grand Prize $50 Target GC + other prizes. #WrinkleFreeTravel RSVP

Inspired Home Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @carpetone @sweeptight @dentistmel and others. Prizes: FIVE (5) $250 Carpet One store credits, ONE (1) Grand Prize $1000 Carpet One store credit - BOTH US & Canada residents eligible for prizes. #InspiredHome RSVP 

Babies 'R Us Easter Twitter Party at 2 pm ET with @momstart @pampers @babiesrus. Prizes: $50 Babies 'R Us giftcards. #BRUEaster RSVP

Bringing Innovation Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with @kellysluckyyou @ourhomemadelife @babytoboomer. Prizes: ONE (1) $50 Walmart giftcard, FIVE (5) $100 Walmart GCs. #BringingInnovation RSVP

Influenster XO VoxBox Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with @influenstervox. Prizes: TBA. #XOVoxBox RSVP

Retire Happy Now Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @ellenblogs @brettbmartin @boomboxnetwork and others. Prizes: FOUR (4) Don't Worry, Retire Happy DVDs, THREE (3) prize packs that incl the DVD + $50 Paypal prize and ONE (1) Grand Prize that incl the DVD + $100 Paypal prize. #RetireHappyNow RSVP

USA Love Twitter Party at 8:30 pm ET with @diaperedknights @usalovelist @goetzecandy and others. Prizes: FOUR (4) candy prize packages. #USALove RSVP

Friday, March 20

Heart Felt Fam Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @heartfeltnatura @mompoweredmedia @mdefined. Prizes: Grand Prize Heart Felt prize package ARV $300, FOUR (4) Heart Felt prize packs, ONE (1) $25 Amazon giftcard. #HeartFeltFam RSVP

How to Buy Technology Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with @theonlinemom @robynsworld @geekbabe @thetechdad. Prizes: TWO (2) red Droid Turbo smartphones at the Twitter Party, plus chance to win wireless accessories at the Video Recap after the party incl 1 of 2  Chamberlain Garage Door Openers, a NEST thermostat, a Mini Parrot Drone, a VivoFit fitness band, an iON Air Copy Wireless Scanner. #VZWBuzz RSVP

Saturday, March 21

Wintergarden Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @beingthewriter @tmwallace1. Prizes: THREE (3) copies of the book Under the Fairy MoonFairy Moon Charms as well
as a $25 Amazon Gift Card referral prize. #Wintergarden RSVP

#Philly4Passover Twitter Party 3/23 at 8:30p ET


Monday, March 23

Pin That Twist Bilingual Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @albertsons @candypo @coolchillmom. Prizes: ONE (1) $50 VISA giftcard, FIVE (5) $100 VISA GCs. #PinThatTwist RSVP

Philly for Passover Cheesy Twitter Party at 8:30 pm ET with @joyofkosher @joyofkoshermag @mommyblogexpert and others. Prizes: FIVE (5) Joy of Kosher Passover issues, THREE (3) $50 American Express giftcards, ONE (1) $100 AmEx GC. #Philly4Passover RSVP

Tuesday, March 24

My Signature Move Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @dodomesticdad @reviewdadmedia @mattdantodd. Prizes: ONE (1) $50 Walmart giftcard, FIVE (5) $100 Walmart GCs. #MySignatureMove RSVP

Eggsation Twitter Party at 9 pm ET with @sjconsulting_ca @eggsoeufs. Prizes: ONE (1) Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer, a bakeware set, a cookware set, and an iPad Mini - Canada residents ONLY eligible for prizes. #Eggsation RSVP

Wednesday, March 25

Bounty at Walmart Twitter Party at 2 pm ET with @shespeaksup & friends. Prizes: $1000 in Walmart giftcards and Bounty with Dawn prizes. #BountyAtWalmart RSVP

Thursday, March 26

Ahava Skincare Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @beautystat @freebies4mom @zipporahs. Prizes: ONE (1) $250 Ahava e-giftcard, FOUR (4) $50 Ahava GCs. #AhavaSkincare RSVP

Easy Eggo Waffle Bar Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @kellysluckyyou @blueviolet @dentistmel. Prizes: ONE (1) $50 Walmart giftcard, FIVE (5) $100 Walmart GCs. #EZEggoWaffleBar RSVP

Eye Booster Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with @shespeaksup @alywalansky @zipporahs and others. Prizes: $1000 in prizes including a grand prize that features a $250 Target giftcard + Eye Booster Instant Lash Extension Kit. #EyeBooster RSVP

Pet Parent Fails Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with @paw_nation. Prizes: THREE (3) $100 Amazon giftcards. #PetParentFails RSVP

Eggs for Easter Twitter Party at 9 pm ET with @burnbraefarms @hamiltonbeachca @sjconsulting_ca. Prizes: ONE (1) Grand Prize including a $25 Mastercard giftcard from Hamilton Beach & Burnbrae Farms ARV $400, FOUR (4) Burnbrae giftpacks ARV $125, THREE (3) Hamilton Beach giftpacks ARV $50 - Canada residents ONLY eligible for prizes. #Eggs4Easter RSVP

Friday, March 27

Planning Your Vacation Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with @theonlinemom @robynsworld @geekbabe @thetechdad. Prizes: TBA. #VZWBuzz RSVP


Tuesday, March 31

Love Canadian Beef Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @lovecdnbeef. Prizes: TBA - Canada residents ONLY eligible for prizes. Follow hashtag #CanadianBeefApp for more info soon

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