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Ocean Cosmetic Medicine Spa Review Luxe Dermabrasion Uses Diamonds & 24K Gold


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Southern California is not only home to miles of beautiful beaches, Hollywood and movie stars. It also boasts hundreds of spas offering a kaleidoscope of facial, massage and other beauty and wellness services -- the choices to be found are eclectic at every point along the luxury spectrum. From The Raven, a Moroccan-inspired bohemian day spa in Santa Monica that MBE reviewed last year to Ocean Cosmetic Medicine (OCM), a medical office-based spa just a few miles away that I just visited last week, there's something new and different for everyone to discover.
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My most recent spa experience at OCM is most definitely blog-worthy, involving a luxurious high tech microdermabrasion treatment delivered with a diamond embedded wand followed by a soothing 24K gold mask. This service which takes about an hour from start to finish is normally priced at $130 but is being offered exclusively at OCM for just $50 during Spa Week through April 19th. Other OCM services being offered for Spa Week for $50 each include Osmosis Infusion (regular $130) and Cosmedix Peel ($150).

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Microdermabrasion with 24K Gold Mask Experience

Upon arrival at OCM's office suite I completed medical information forms before being ushered to the treatment room by Kristy Charlier, a registered nurse (RN) originally from Australia who is also an internationally-accredited aesthetician with more than a decade of experience in preventative and corrective cosmetic treatments. In fact, her training is extensive, having worked side by side with physicians using a variety of lasers, intense pulsed light and LED light based high tech equipment and more to treat a wide array of skin types and conditions.

Kristy Charlier, RN, Ocean Cosmetic Medicine, MommyBlogExpert.com
As she does during every visit with a new client, Kristy started my treatment session with further discussion about the skin issues I wanted to focus on and lots of education about the process from A to Z. She sums up her unique approach, "I basically like to incorporate medical technology with holistic skin care and wellness."

Diamondtome Microdermabrasion
The 3-step treatment itself that I experienced was both relaxing and refreshing, beginning with microdermabrasion using the Diamondtome diamond encrusted wand to mechanically peel away the upper most layer of skin to slough off dead skill cells, dirt and anything else clogging the pores. As the wand glided over each area of the face, vacuum suction gently collected all the debris left behind. The process, which felt much like a cat's sandpaper like tongue against my face, resulted in erasing fine wrinkles as well as putting life back into my dull, dehydrated skin and noticably improving the overall skin surface.


Polish and Repair
In the second stage for deeper exfoliation, steam and Osmosis Skincare brand polish and repair products which are only available at doctor offices were incorporated. The Polish, a cranberry enzyme, peptide firming antioxidant mask, was customized for my treatment by adding some Niacinamide Power. This was followed by The Repair, a healing mud designed to enhance the recovery process of damaged or inflamed skin, helping the skin to better handle environmental damage while also protecting it from bacteria.

Knesko 24K Gold Mask
In the final process, Kristy massaged the cooling, soothing Knesko Nano Gold Repair Face Mask on my face and left it on the skin for 15 minutes to rehydrate the moisture removed in the first two steps. The NanoGold, consisting of actual gold particles, is easily absorbed, prevents the breakdown of collagen and elastin. This mask is not only anti-aging, it has firming, anti-flammatory, and hydrating properties to repair and rejuvenate aged and fatigued skin. 

As you can see in the unretouched photos of me before and after my OCM procedure without makeup, the reduction in the appearance of fine lines, uneven skin tone, age spots and sun damage was quite noticeable.

I couldn't recommend this service more to others with similar skin challenges. What a great feeling it was to walk out of the clinic with skin that felt and looked and felt relaxed, cleaner, softer and most importantly younger!

About Ocean Cosmetic Medicine
Ocean Cosmetic Medicine, located at 2001 Santa Monica Boulevard next door to St. John's Medical Center in Santa Monica, specializes in non-surgical cosmetic enhancement. OCM provides a comprehensive approach to skin health tailored to the individual, offering affordable non-surgical alternatives with a emphasis on preventative, maintenance, and corrective skin care. To make an appointment call 310-829-4449. Additional information on OCM is available at OceanCosmeticMedicine.com and by following the spa on Facebook.

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