Monday, June 29, 2015

Summer is Here Get the Kids Outdoors To Play & Enjoy Quality Time Together


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The long more leisurely days of summer are finally here. With school out at least until August and so many public parks offering a variety of free outdoor play equipment and playgrounds that will entertain kids for hours, there's no better time than now to get youngsters outside to play and for parents to tag along.
Without a doubt, the benefits far outweigh the cons. Not only will kids get fresh air and exercise, helping to fight obesity and hyperactivity, it's the perfect season to continue helping your children develop the social skills that will serve them well at school and throughout their lives. That's why International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association (IPEMA), through the non-profit Voice of Play initiative, is encouraging children and their parents to get outside instead of interacting only with electronics indoors. You can almost be guaranteed that everyone will feel energized and there will be smiles all around by both the little people and grown ups!

Water Play Adds to the Fun,
Since they were able to walk I've enjoyed spending as much time outdoors as possible with my four kids. Not only have I watched them physically grow while at the park, exploring nature, meeting new kids and trying new challenges on the play equipment, they've matured socially and intellectually by constantly being exposed to healthy new outdoor situations. An added plus for me has been meeting other parents who I enjoy being with and talking to even when our children aren't around.

Remember snacks: kids are always hungry,
My best advice to parents of young kids today, especially during the long summer months, is to make going to the park a regular activity that you and your child do together. Of course don't forget the snacks, water, hats and 30+ SPF sunblock whenever you venture out to play and explore. Remember also not to forget to bring along a camera and/or smartphone to permanently capture all those fleeting park moments that the entire family will treasure for years to come.

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The Voice of Play is an education and advocacy initiative of the non-profit association International Play Equipment Manufacturers Associations (IPEMA). This group was formed to educate the public and promote the benefits of children's free outdoor play and playgrounds. Through Voice of Play and social media properties, IPEMA highlights the scientifically proven physical, social, emotional and cognitive benefits of play. For more play outside inspiration and to learn more visit the official Voice of Play website as well as follow this organization on Twitter and Facebook.

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