Friday, July 31, 2015

Coming Home My #SwitchersRemorse Story from Sullen Teen to Loving Adult Daughter

Life Lessons

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Who hasn't this happened to -- You do or say something you regret and you want to make a 360 degree turn and have a chance to do it all over again? For sure, except for that perfect person in the world that simply does not exist, #ComingHome AKA #SwitchersRemorse is a thought-provoking topic for everyone that bares even the most hardened soul among us.

Sullen on High School Graduation Day,

My Own Coming Home Story

You see I'm the first to admit I've had more U-turns in my life than I can count on both hands where I wished I could have had the chance for replays to right my mistakes. To get a new lease on life, a chance to start over, to relive what I did wrong and make things right.

But, if I had to pick the most poignant life experience to do over again, it would have been this. How I defiantly moved away from home, wanting nothing more than to get as far away as possible from my parents for college. The photo above, which I grudgingly allowed my father of blessed memory to take of me on the day I graduated from high school, does a great job capturing that fireball of snarkiness of yesteryear. 

It wasn't until I grew into a mature woman, graduated from the university, and started my career that I realized how much pain I had caused my mom and dad during that rocky phase in my young and reckless life. From that moment of awakening forward, every time I went to visit my parents, coming home to embrace the family that loved me so much, it never felt so good.

Dad, Mom & I Together Again,
What's your personal Coming Home #SwitchersRemorse story? Everyone has more than one. I've left and come back to Verizon Wireless at least twice over the years and am glad I'm back home for good. 

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  1. I don't think I can really pinpoint any one time that I hurt someone else's feelings. I know there are times thought. We all do silly things when we are young and we can't always take them back. I just do my best to be the most loving and compassionate person I can now. Thanks for sharing this story with us Janis.

  2. What a great little story! Yes, there have been many times in my life that I had I known better I suppose that I would have made better choices. I was a rebellious teen as well :) But whenI look back at it all, I am glad for who I have grown to be. All of those experiences were my learning blocks and got me here.