Friday, July 10, 2015

High Performance 4-inch LED Flashlight Outperforms Full Size Ones Double in Size Review


by Jacob Elspas, Staff Blogger

When first opening the Pelican ProGear High Performance 2350 LED Flashlight, I immediately noticed how small it was and had my doubts that it could last forty five minutes, let alone an hour and forty five. I also thought it would not be very powerful and bright -- after all, it was just over 4" in length and 1" in diameter and fit perfectly into the palm of my hand. But then I switched it on and realized all of my preconceptions were wrong. It really was what the brand claims: high performance. Right then and there I immediately knew that this was a flashlight that I wanted to keep and use.
As a Boy Scout, I frequently go on multi-night hiking trips with my troop. And on these adventures into the great outdoors, one of the biggest issues my fellow scouts and I have is that our flashlights never seem to be bright enough to lead the way in the dark, particularly under a moonless sky.

Pelican’s high performance LED flashlight rises to the challenge. This cool and practical gadget boasts three settings Low (10 Lumens), High (100 Lumens) and Strobe, making it perfect for a variety of different lighting uses. In fact I found the high setting which affords a beam distance up to 141 meters, depending on the environment and weather conditions, to be more than enough brightness for me to be see where I am going. Really, for such a small flashlight, I find it to be quite impressive. 

Though this flashlight, which requires one AA battery,  has a runtime of 15 hours on the low setting, when camping, I almost always need more than two hours brighter light. But that's not a problem: all I would need to do is bring some extra batteries along, so when the old one dies, I just switch it out with a new one and BAM! almost two more hours of light.

Me w/ Pelican flashlight,
A second benefit worth noting is the small size and light weight of this flashlight. As serious backpackers know, every ounce and inch of space counts when you're carrying a large pack and hiking for days and miles. It just doesn't make sense to have to lug a big huge heavy flashlight or lantern through the forest on a backpacking trip, when a smaller, possibly even more powerful one like this one, will do. 

My main desire is for a flashlight that is small, lightweight and compact which also packs a powerful punch. This flashlight does all that and more. It fits easily into a pocket or a zipped pouch and is not bulky or have any protruding parts. It even has a convenient removable clip so I can just clamp the flashlight securely to my belt and access it quickly when I need it.

Lastly, the third and final feature I find particularly beneficial is that this not only is designed with a non-slip grip, it is waterproof up to one meter. This is good because I am prone to dropping things, and that means if this flashlight still happens to slip out of my hand and fall into a puddle or small brook, it has a good chance of still working if I can retrieve it. Also, I often get pretty wet on long hikes and campouts because of the rain, mist, fog, humidity, and other damp conditions, so the fact that this flashlight can stand up against a bit of water is definitely an asset.
Whether at home or away, I recommend this flashlight to anyone with the need for a good compact flashlight. Being one of the brightest in its class, the 2350 LED makes a great addition to any home safety kit. I look forward to bringing this along on my next big hike at Philmont Boy Scout Ranch this summer. This adventure will involve a 50 mile trek into the backcountry over a week's time and I have every confidence that this Pelican High Performance Flashlight will hold up to that ultimate test!
The Pelican High Performance Flashlight measures just 4.23" and weighs 3.4 ounces with batteries. Featuring a body made of Aluminum with Type II Anodized and a strong clip constructed of high carbon steel, it lists for $39.95 and is widely available online and in-store. Guaranteed for life. For more info visit the official Pelican website as well as follow the brand on TwitterFacebook and Instagram.

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  1. This flashlight has so many great features. I think the one that appeals to me the most is the weight. Many times I am out of the house at night time and I feel more secure if I have a flashlight with me. Walking through a parking lot in the dark can be pretty scary when you are alone and knowing that I had a trust worthy flashlight would help me feel more secure.

  2. Totally agree, Cynthia. This flashlight is small and powerful enough for us ladies to carry in our pockets or handbags.

  3. This would be excellent for my hiking backpack! I don't hike at night - but you need to plan for emergencies. And the small size and light weight make it ideal.