Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Boys Girls Theme Bedroom Decorating Ideas Inspired by Kids Love of Travel #DIY


Guest Post
by Jane Blanchard, Modernize

Separate Bedrooms For Siblings That Work Together 

Cohesive designs in a home make it more stylish. When looking to decorate two separate bedrooms for your children, you may be tempted to gravitate toward polar opposite designs for each sibling. Instead of decorating in all stereotypical blue for your boy’s space and pink for your little girl, try similar themed bedrooms! One of the most popular styles currently is travel.

Image from Saharas New Haven
Boys and girls alike dream of traveling the world and seeing different cultures. No matter what age your children are, they’re fascinated by stories of faraway lands. One of the best ways to cultivate that curiosity of the world is by decorating a bedroom in a travel theme. By simply adding a few round-the-world elements, your children will have a space that inspires learning all to themselves. 

For a boy’s room, try adding framed art that channels the stars and astronomy. For extra drama, add lights above them, like pictured, so that they can be lit up in the evening. Another great travel-inspired d├ęcor idea is to add vintage globes. Make it a fun afternoon by taking your children thrift shopping. Look for spinning globes or old suitcases! One of the beauties of decorating in a travel theme is that it goes with any color scheme. Give your son or daughter the freedom to choose their favorite colors and then design a space that adds those hues.

Image from Decoist

A little girl’s room can also look stylish while being travel-themed. Whether your daughter dreams of living in Paris or wants to travel deep into the African jungles, her well-decorated room can help inspire her. This space mixes iconic landmarks and bright pinks to create a bedroom that’s youthful and sophisticated. As you can see, only a few items are specifically travel themed, but they blend well with other things in the room – like the black and white picture frames and pink desk chair.

Image from House to Home
If you’d rather avoid specific color schemes revolving around pink and blue, try a more neutral travel theme that embraces yellows, blues, and reds. Even though this type of space doesn’t stand out as “girly” or “boyish”, it’s travel elements make it appear thought-out and intentional. This type of room is ideal for a toddler that doesn’t have a favorite color yet. It also works well for a space that is larger and has the majority of the toys. 

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  1. I love the travel themes that were chosen for these rooms. I think my daughter would have loved some of these touches even in the college years.

  2. I love this! I have never thought of having a cohesive theme for more than one kid's rooms. But you are right - travel is appealing to all genders. And I love the pop of color to accents the neutral backdrop. Stylish!

  3. Very creative use of space and color. What a fun way to inspire creativity!