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WiFi Indoor Home Video Camera Review Offers Face Recognition + Other Security Features


by Jacob Elspas, Staff Blogger

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At first glance, the Simplicam from ArcSoft and powered by Closeli may seem to be just like other home security recording systems out there. A camera, some software, maybe a wall or table mount if you’re lucky, but essentially the same thing. This makes it very challenging for companies to sell and market a monitoring device that stands out. But Simplicam, which is a direct competitor of Dropcam, succeeds in differentiating itself from the sea of similar devices currently on the market today -- offering something the others do not: face recognition.

Raphael Elspas,
Upon opening the box the first thing I immediately liked about Simplicam is the packaging, specifically the cubic box and the layered contents which are reminiscent of the gift-like experiential way Apple artfully presents its products to an adoring fan base. 

This makes the presentation of all the various included components (the main unit and stand, cable with USB, USB outlet, wall mount and screws) and instructions feel very organized. Besides, it looks super cool and is exciting to unwrap a product in a box that is perfectly symmetrical. Everything fits compactly inside the box and is ordered to ensure that the buyer has the easiest time understanding, setting up and using the camera. 

Raphael Elspas,
Speaking of this being simple to use -- that is in fact how this product got its name. This camera is one of the easiest of its type to operate that I have ever seen. Unlike others, you don’t even need a computer to set it up. You just follow the clearly written instructions provided in the box and before you know it, you can have live footage streaming to your computer or smartphone. 

“But why do I need one of these?” you may ask as you contemplate making the Simplicam your most recent connected home purchase. I can think of quite a few reasons. Have to work late when your kids get home from school? Just use this gadget to have two-way talk with your sons and daughters to make sure they stay on task; you can even help them with their homework. Want to hear and be able to see your pet while you’re away from home? The Simplicam has you covered there, too.

See how Simplicam works...

This device is equipped with night vision which is another great asset. But my favorite feature by far would have to be the facial recognition, going over and beyond the functionality of a simple motion dectector which can't tell the difference between a human burglar and the family dog running laps around the house when the daily mail is dropped into your mailbox.

You can train the Simplicam which features special facial recognition software to recognize up to ten people’s faces. This may not seem like such a big deal. But, if an unapproved person gains entry to your home, for example, the device is capable of immediately sending alerts straight to your smartphone when it detects there is a stranger or unusual motion or noise inside your house.

Raphael Elspas,
I personally wish we'd known about this product sooner. My mom points out that it's perfect for all those "not me" moments that every family with kids knows about. It's good for michievious pets too. One time our 12 pound dog Dexter jumped onto the kitchen counter when we were in another room and ate an entire tray of homebaked Baklava that was bigger than him. If we had the Simplicam we could have caught him in the act and made the proper correction on the spot. Besides, to this day, I'd still like to see with my own eyes how in the world that little dog made that record Superman-style high jump onto the kitchen counter! 

If you’ve ever felt like you wish you could watch what was going on at home when you were away, or wanted an extra security system that is basically undetectable, then I highly recommend looking into the Simplicam.

Raphael Elspas,
What you need to use Simplicam 
  • A smartphone, tablet or computer running iOS 7+ or Android 4+
  • Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n: WEP, WPA, WPA2-personal encryption supported
  • High-speed Internet connection, such as DSL or cable with upload speed above 1 Mbps for each camera
While you can always view live video and the device includes 11 free days of monitoring, if you want to access archived recorded video in the cloud you will also need to subscribe to 1 of 3 Closeli Recording Services plans. These range in price from $49.99 to $229.99 per year.
Image from Simplicam

About Simplicam

Simplicam, from ArcSoft of Fremont, California, is beautifully designed, well made, easy to use, and has a bunch of features that most of its competitors lack. Configured to run in the U.S. only, it retails for $149.99 and may be purchased direct from and from Amazon; it is not available in stores. Animal lovers especially will appreciate knowing that the company has placed two of their Simplicams inside the animal living quarters at San Francisco SPCA to share video with the public and help match adoptable dogs and cats with their forever homes.

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