Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Good Dinosaur Disney Movie Trailer Sneak Peek in Theaters This Thanksgiving #GoodDino



The family friendly The Good Dinosaur movie from Disney Pixar won't be released till Thanksgiving. Still, I wanted to whet your appetite now for what looks to be a deliciously wonderful animated adventure coming to the big screen on November 25, 2015.

The Good Dinosaur is all about the flipside of what might have happened if that asteroid missed colliding with Earth and dinosaurs were still alive today. 

Here's a sneak peek at the epic journey into that fantasy world where Arlo, an Apatosaurus (voiced by Raymond Ochoa) has an unlikely encounter with modern man who he befriends...

About The Good Dinosaur
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  1. I love reading your reviews. I'm not a TV person so when the little ones visit I can make suggestions and they think it's so cool I know about this stuff.

  2. I am really looking forward to this movie! I love Pixar and I love dinosaurs. Good thing I have kids that will join me :)

  3. My children are a little too old for this one, but they loved dinosaur movies when they were young. I'll let my daughters who babysit know about it for some time when they're looking for fun entertainment.

  4. I have seen the trailer for this movie and it is one I really want to see. I don't have little ones any more, but I still love little kid movies.