Monday, November 16, 2015

Bolo Rolling Knife Offer on Kickstarter New Ergonomically Designed Kitchen Gadget


Circular Rolling Knife Handy Houseware Gadget

I'm a self-professed kitchen gadget lover and collector. So when I hear about something new and innovative that can make things easier and faster when I'm cooking and baking, I've got to share it immediately with like-minded readers. My latest discovery is the new Bolo Knife by Zinovta, a circular kitchen knife.


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Not only does this circular rolling kitchen knife gadget help make cutting and chopping during food preparation and baking more efficient, its ergonomic design protects the hand and wrist by keeping both in a neutral position to avoid unnecessary straining. What's more is that force applied to Bolo is directly transferred completely to the item being cut, making this an overall huge improvement over a standard chef's knife. It's easy to use and one of the features that's a real plus is that it comes apart easily for cleaning.

Watch how this fabulous invention works...

This rolling knife gem of a kitchen tool has so many uses beyond just fluidly slicing vegetables. 

Among the tasks Bolo helps with
  • Slicing all kinds of Vegetables
  • Chopping Onions
  • Mincing Garlic
  • Cutting Pizza Slices
  • Tenderizing Meat
  • And Much More

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  1. The Bolo Knife is SO cool! I have a hobby of collecting kitchen gadgetries so I'll have to check this out. It looks quick at chopping up veggies. That's a bonus.

  2. Where has this product been my whole life? Looks like this is gonna be a must!

  3. This seems like a great gadget to have in the kitchen! I am impressed at its versatility.

  4. I think this would be fantastic for my mother who has horrible arthritis! I 'm going to be on the lookout for one

  5. This is pretty cool! Thank you for sharing!

  6. It does look like it could make short work of chopping. It's a neat doodad!

  7. That would make my stir fry chopping a lot easier. Very cool concept too!

  8. That is a cool tool! I can see that it would be helpful for those who have issues with gripping knives.

  9. How cool is this?! An ergonomic design would be great, especially with all the chopping I'll be doing this holiday season.

  10. I need one of these! I have a curved knife for chopping herbs but this is genius and what a great way to help a new business.