Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Mom Blogger Domestic Violence Victim Call for Help and Holiday Donations


Tragedy, unfortunately, has struck close to home this holiday season. I just learned today that one of our very own, a fellow lifestyle mom blogger with three sons 8, 10 and 12 years old and who wishes to remain anonymous, has been the victim of a confirmed severe domestic violence incident. This young woman lost her home and had all her belongings destroyed including the clothes and toys of her children just a few short days ago.

Thank G-d she and her children are safe, escaping from a very dangerous situation with her and her sons wearing just the clothes on their backs. This obviously is going to be a very difficult Christmas and New Year to get through, one that her family will likely never forget. 

That's where MBE's readers come in to put some cheer and joy back into this shattered family's life. I'm asking as many of you as possible to donate what you can to help this mother rebuild her future.

In the holiday spirit, please join me in donating as much as are able to help rebuild the life of this mother and her three kids HERE

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