Friday, January 22, 2016

HP Printer Instant Ink Never Run Out Program


Few things beat the convenience of having access to a computer printer at home, especially if you have school-age kids and/or work from a home office like I do. But who doesn't hate running out of printer ink at the most inopportune times? Look at all those nodding heads -- looks like I have lots of company about that sentiment.

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Not to worry. The good news for us all, I learned at CES 2016 at the Family Tech Summit Blogger Breakfast hosted by HP. and Living in Digital Times, is that it doesn't have to be that way. If you're enrolled in the HP Instant Ink program, you'll never be caught without ink to print out your projects whether they be for your kids, yourself or your business.

The event was emceed by technology journalist and media personality Andrea Smith and centered around an engaging presentation by HP Inkologist Thom Brown, a Bill Nye the Science Guy type of fellow. Our small group of tech lifestyle bloggers was treated to a lab lesson highlighting how HP printer ink formulation is a precise science which keeps individual ink colors separate, rather than running together, even when they're placed together in a petri dish. 

HP's Thom Brown,

Take a close look at the photo below to see what I'm talking about. In the top dish which contains the official HP formulation notice how the ink colors remain separate, while in the lower one the generic colors run together? This illustrates perfectly why, if you want clean, crisp printouts and photos from your printer, you should never use inexpensive, non-original brand ink.

How the HP Instant Ink Program Works

Purchase any of 16 HP Instant-Ink enabled products, such as the HP Envy 5540, HP Envy 4520, HP 4500e and others, and your new printer will automatically order ink for you when you're getting low. Then, instead of running out to the store, it's shipped direct to your door. The best part is that if you're enrolled in HP's ink replacement subscription service you can save up to 50% on ink.  

HP Envy 4520 Printer,

To participate in the HP Instant Ink program after you've bought a compatible HP printer, choose from one of three plans: $2.99 per month/50 pages/$96 yearly ink savings, $4.99 per month/100 pages/$204 yearly ink savings, or $9.99 per month/300 pages/$672 yearly ink savings. Get more information on the HP Instant Ink program here

You can also stay up to date on everything HP is doing in the ink replacement space by liking HP on Facebook, following @HP and @PrintWithThom on Twitter, and checking out the PrintWithThom YouTube channel to learn more about the #HPInkChallenge.

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