Monday, February 15, 2016

5 Tips to Perfect Lips Stain Application for Busy Constantly On the Go Women & Moms


Editor's Note: With this post, I'm pleased to introduce the newest member of the Mommy Blog Expert team: Amanda Cianciolo. Amanda is an Arizona mom of four, a full-time nurse, and a Younique consultant who will be covering beauty, fashion and lifestyle for this blog. Watch for her regular exclusive MBE posts twice a month.

by Amanda Cianciolo, Lifestyle Blogger

LOVE IS IN THE AIR! With Valentine’s Day this past weekend, I think many of us ladies are in agreement that even on the other 364 days of the year we love to feel beautiful and impress the lucky person in our lives. From your hair, to your outfit that you change five times, and most importantly your make up.

Have that full coverage foundation to cover all of the blemishes on your face, the eye shadow that will last hours without creasing, fading, or wearing off, those full long lashes, and last but not least that amazing lip color that will last all night. You definitely want to keep your lips luscious and kissable year-round!

Friend Kaylie in Younique Stiff Upper Lip, Sleek

NO NEED TO STRESS about having to constantly reapply the lipstick or lip-gloss.  Instead of using a lipstick or a lip-gloss, why not try a lip stain like Younique Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain ($22) available in 7 gorgeous shades? You won’t have to worry about applying it several times throughout the day or night and it will not leave lip prints when you take a drink of your wine during a romantic dinner. It won't even rub off on your sweetie if you decide to give that special person a little kiss. And, best of all, it will keep your lips looking gorgeous the entire time.

Friend Stephanie in Younique Upper Lip, Saucy

Another great perk to using a lip stain is that men usually do not like getting your pretty lipstick all over them; this amazing product will not even leave a mark. So not only are you benefiting from having amazing lips, your special someone doesn’t have to worry about wearing it too.

Have you ever wondered how female celebrities' smiles of every age always seem to appear perfect? Maybe you're even wondering how that associate at work or that mom you are always seeing at your kids' school with her immaculately looking lips does it? It's really not such a mystery. With lip stain and these simple steps you will be surprised to learn how easy it is for YOU to have perfect lips every time, too.

Me in Younique Stiff Upper Lip, Skittish,

5 steps to lip stain application perfection
  • Be sure your lips are nice and smooth, if you notice dry skin or flakes, simply take a soft toothbrush and gently scrub away loose skin
  • Start with clean dry lips, this includes no other products on them such as liners, chap stick, moisturizers, etc.
  • Put one layer on of the lip stain at a time, doing the upper and lower lips separately because this is not like lipstick where you rub your lips together
  • Allow the first layer of lip stain to dry on your lips completely (it feels like water resting on your lips when applying)
  • Apply as many layers as you like to get as dark a shade as you desire
Before you know it, your family and friends are probably going to notice and will start asking you what's your secret to perfect lips.

Younique Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain,

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  1. I've never liked lipstick because it has a sticky texture. But lip stain is great because it gives you color without the stickiness.

  2. I have never heard of lip stain. I'll have to check it out. I have found a color that works for me in all occasions so I'm anxious to see if they have it.