Thursday, February 4, 2016

TOMS National Geographic Big Cats Collection Supports Endangered Giant Feline Species


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This week was Big Cat Week on Nat Geo WILD with a full week of programming dedicated to big cats, including lions, tigers, leopards, cheetahs, panthers and more -- all of which are under threat as their habitats are diminished, mostly by man.

Since National Geographic, TOMS and non-profit causes supporting the well-being of wild animals are three of my favorite passions, I could not be more thrilled and humbled to tell readers the big news. TOMS Animal Initiative is partnering with National Geographic to support the organization's work through TOMS Big Cats Collection of shoes and fashion accessories.

Inspired by the regal big cats that benefit, the brand has teamed up with National Geographic in support of the non-profit's vast and ongoing protection, education and conservation programs around the world in Africa, Asia and North and South America. The TOMS Big Cats Collection, which was created to help build awareness of these noble efforts, features a stylish line of man-made fashion accessories for women, men and children including shoes, sunglasses and even a backpack. 

Jacob with proud Mom & Dad at Eagle Ceremony,
Each TOMS design in the collection features elements which bring to mind the beautiful and amazing big cats that need our care and protection. I've been an animal advocate my entire life and have imparted that love of nature and the world's creatures to all my children. In fact, throughout this post you see my son Jacob who I'm proud to say became an Eagle Scout last year and who is now an East Coast university student modeling on behalf of TOMS Big Cats Collection. He's wearing the uber cool and preppy Nat Geo Men's Lion Paseos canvas lace-up oxfords which he tells me he loves because these shoes are so classic, well-made, comfortable and versatile, taking him from his formal Eagle ceremony to his casual college campus lifestyle with ease.

Stepping out into a new life as a university student,
The shoe collection also includes the sleek Nat Geo Women's Jaguar Classics slip on shoe (pictured below), and several different boys and girls styles for kids and youth that mimic the adult big cat versions. So you can outfit your whole family in these shoes: mom, dad and all the kids, knowing you are doing your part to help support Big Cat education, protection and conservation efforts.

In the collection, there are also two absolutely gorgeous pairs of women's sunglasses inspired by leopards in the wild and a tailored, yet Safari rustic styled backpack to choose from. Available on the TOMS website, pieces in the collection range from $36 to $169.
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To learn more and support the Big Cats Initiative follow Cause an Uproar on Facebook and on Twitter @CauseAnUproar.

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