Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Why Women Are Divided on Hillary Clinton for President Across the Generations


I was interviewed for this fascinating and thought-provoking story by Kelly Wallace for CNN.com that was just published today which I think women, from millennials on up to senior citizens, will be find interesting reading. The big question this time around in regard to the support base of Hillary Clinton, who trails Bernie Sanders among younger women in the run for the Democratic nomination for President, is why there's such a huge divide right now between females of different age groups. 

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As a 59 year-old working mom of four college students who came of age during the early stages of the feminist movement, I definitely would like to see a woman as President within my lifetime. America is shamefully way behind other developed (and not-so-developed) countries around the world who have had great females in top leadership position for years such as the late Margaret Thatcher who was Prime Minister of the UK from 1979-1990.

Nevertheless I still think that this election isn't about getting a woman -- any woman -- elected to the highest office in the land. It's more about electing the most qualified candidate, male or female, to lead our country in returning to greatness. I am still waiting and watching to see if Hillary, or any other male or female Democrat, Republican or Independent candidate represents that hope.

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Why do you think there is such a wide range of opinion right now among female voters? Please leave a comment along with your age as a point of reference.

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  1. I vote with my brain not my uterus and I'll vote for the best candidate. I'd love to have the best qualified candidate be a woman, but I'm with the younger voters on this one.

  2. I think that all voters should be educated on the platforms and vote for whom ever will do the best job. That is so tough to do because of the conflicting media coverage. I agree that the election is about getting the most qualified candidate but it takes effort to cut to the chase.