Monday, March 28, 2016

Morris the Cat Guest Advice Column for Humans + $300 Spa Finder Giftcard Giveaway


Guest Post
by Morris the Cat
Live Well & Prospurr
9Lives Brand Ambassador


The fun continues for cat lovers with another installment of MBE's Morris the Cat Guest Post seriesGet ready to be entertaining by another hilarious advice column penned (I mean, pawed) by Morris the Cat of 9Lives cat food fame.

With spring coming up and after that, the dreaded bathing suit season (eek!), I know everyone's searching for ways to look their best. And my readers have a 'paw up' on the competition because we're about to get some style and wellness tips from someone who knows a thing or two about looking awesome... I'm talking, of course, about Morris the Cat. 

In case you're not familiar with this illustrious feline, Morris is the original celebricat, starring in over 50 9Lives cat food commercials from the 1970s up through today. He's even been called "the Clark Gable of cats," and that's about as debonair as it gets!

$300 Spa Finder Gift Card Giveaway

In his "Dear Morris" column, he'll be answering some readers' burning questions about good grooming, and he's also giving away a human-sized, 9Lives-branded bathrobe, a $300 Spa Finder gift card, and a whole year's supply of 9Lives cat food!

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Dear Morris,

I love my cat, Baxter, but man, does he shed! Every time I leave the house I'm covered in cat hair. It's getting to the point where we can't even cuddle together without me looking like the sticky side of a lint roller! Unleash your wisdom, Morris... there must be something I can do.

Hairy Harry
Dear Hairy Harry,

If your cat is shedding on you, the thing you should tell him is... "thank you!" Being covered in cat fur means you get to look like a cat, which means you get to look more awesome. However, if this isn't your desired effect (although I can't imagine why it wouldn't be), try wearing clothes the same color as your cat to camouflage the fur. Kind of like a cat camouflages himself in clean laundry--hey, come to think of it, that could be why you're always covered in fur! You can also try brushing Baxter a couple times a week to remove excess fur and redistribute the natural oils on his skin--now, that's what I call a win-win!

Cat Paw Bumps,

You heard it right from the kitty's mouth, folks! Tune back in for Morris' next edition of good grooming advice and don't fur-get to enter the giveaway at his Live Well & Prospurr website. You can also tweet #MorrisFeeds and Morris will donate a bowl of 9Lives cat food to a hungry rescue kitty.

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FTC Disclosure: Morris the Cat and 9Lives provided the inspiration, content and images for this post. 9Lives is also hosting the giveaway and providing the prize. I am not receiving payment associated with this Morris the Cat guest post, however I am being compensated for Tweeting during the #RespectYourCat Twitter Party. See complete FTC disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.


  1. I love these photos. I have a kitty that will try to open the linen closet and get in there to lay down. I will have to check out the giveaway.

  2. He is sooo handsome! I have to laugh at the photos. I don't have a cat now since Steve is allergic but before I lost the last one I always found him on the freshly folded laundry and I always carried a lint brush! Great post :)

  3. Morris sure knows how to give great advice! I love the idea to wear clothing the same color of your feline's fur as to not show off all the cat hair. Too funny!