Wednesday, March 23, 2016

New SNICKERS Crisper Candy

Good Food

When you get really hungry, how do you feel? Between you and I, I hate doing crunches at the gym on an empty stomach and my hubby... well, he has a whole different take on it.

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Candy Crunch, Chewy Chocolate Together for First Time

And what kind of snack or special treat do you crave at times like this? Does salty and sweet milk chocolate, peanuts, chewy caramel with a bit of crunch appeal to you when the munchies strike? Yeah, I'm not surprised, my mouth is watering, too -- just at the thought of it. 

The good news is it's no longer just in your imagination. There finally is a new delicious and satisfying candy that exists embodying all those qualities called SNICKERS Crisper now available at Walmart, Amazon and in-store.

Whether you are already a fan of original SNICKERS or have never tried one before, tasting this new sugar sweet confection for the first time is an amazing multi-sensory experience like none other, as I learned first hand. This definitely is not just a candy bar which you want to rush into eating, it's a whole ritual of pleasure to reward yourself.

As soon as you open the bright blue wrapper, first take a deep breath and whiff of the chocolatety peanut caramel sweet aroma. If there is heaven on Earth, this could very well be it, because the scent alone elevates your mind and taste buds. Next, as you hold this delectable snack in your hand, take a close look at all that chocolate square enrobed goodness.

Lastly, the moment you've been waiting for: take a small bite and get ready for your mouth to be transported by the unique combination of chocolate, crispy and chewy sensations. You may have a hard time resisting, so I challenge you to eat just one at each sitting and really take the time to enjoy it. In fact, I love that you get 2 squares in the SNICKER Crisper full-size candy bar, making it easy to twist the wrapped closed to save one for latter.

All About New SNICKERS Crisper
  • Hunger keeps inventing new problems, so SNICKERS created the SNICKERS Crisper, the same SNICKERS you love with a satisfying added crunch that hits the spot
  • SNICKERS Crisper is a unique sweet marriage of crisped rice and peanuts topped with a chewy caramel layer and coated in the same delicious milk chocolate as the original candy
  • Certified kosher OU Dairy
  • Available in 3 sizes: SNICKERS Crisper Single full-size candy bar featuring two squares, SNICKERS Crisper 4 to Go and SNICKERS Crisper FUN SIZE 10.61 oz Bag
  • Each SNICKERS Crisper square candy is only 100 calories so you can treat yourself when hunger strikes
  • Find SNICKERS Crisper at Walmart, Amazon and in-stre
  • Stay in the loop by following @SNICKERS on X (formerly Twitter) and Facebook

Why not treat yourself once in awhile? When hunger strikes enjoy a SNICKERS Crisper.

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