Thursday, June 30, 2016

New York City Family Travel - Rolling Entertainment The Ride Bus Tour Review


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There's no more novel and fun way for tourists and locals alike to see the real New York. THE RIDE, which almost 10,000 guests have already experienced, is New York's only moving experiential entertainment sightseeing event presented aboard a multi-million dollar air-conditioned and comfortable bus fleet tricked out with theater style seating. 
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Acclaimed by Broadway theatrical critics -- and according to The Today Show said to be the hottest (air-conditioned) way to see NYC -- this is a fun and unforgettable bucket list adventure bridging the generations from little ones to the young at heart.

During the 75-minute bus tour of Midtown Manhattan the rolling show's attendees are treated to an entertaining and interactive survey of the most famous 50 blocks in the world. The Empire State Building, Radio City Music Hall, Macy's - the Biggest Store in the World, and many other historic buildings are just a few of the sights to behold. Along the way, you'll also see a rainbow of colorful New Yorkers who give this city its unique kind of melting pot personality and culture.
THE RIDE is the perfect thing to do shortly after you arrive in NY so you can easily get an overview and sample the City that never sleeps to help you with planning the rest of your visit. Talent is everywhere you look: both among the entertaining and funny on-board hosts and the award-winning pop up cast on the streets.

Past passengers have included a long list of well-known singers, movie stars and other celebrities. And this summer, Presidential Candidates are reportedly expected to be taking THE RIDE around town.

Just a few of the moments riders might experience
  • Catching ballerina Anna Courter's pas de deux at Columbus Circle
  • Seeing flash mobs stalk the tour bus as it rolls along
  • Eavesdropping on impromptu banter with people walking the sidewalks
  • Chatting up the occasional taxi cab driver on the street
  • Singing along to THE RIDE's big-finish New York, New York rendition
You never know what unexpected surprises will make you smile. If you'll be visiting New York City this summer, why not see it without having to deal with all the heat and humidity, by hitching a ride with this unique and entertaining bus tour operator? It's just another reason why I Love New York and I think you will too.

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  1. oh this is great. i love the energy of this post. also that is such a great price for the tkts.

  2. The next time I visit NYC I plan on taking The Ride- I really love how they've revamped this NYC classic. How far in advance can I buy my ride tickets?

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