Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Nutrition Misinformation Myths Debunked

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New Nutrition Series: What's the Deal?

by Dahlia Rimmon, Food Blogger

Nutrition Misinformation: an introduction

Hi, it's me again, Dahlia, the nutrition student and smoothie lover who shared this delicious Green Smoothie recipe in my first post last week! I'm back this week to talk about something I encounter every day as a working woman in the nutrition world and to hopefully clear up a lot of confusion and misinformation that seems to be floating around out there lately. 

Dahlia Rimmon,

For sure, it's very easy to be confused and frustrated with the overwhelming and contradictory amount of nutrition information or misinformation that appears in the news and media. One day you will read an article that claims coffee is bad for you and the next day a story is published proclaiming coffee will make you live longer. Does chocolate give you acne? Do carbs make you fat? And on and on...

What's the Deal?

Let me start off by saying nutrition science is a relatively new and young field. Therefore, compared to other sciences, many things are unknown or just plain theory. Consequently, it is easy for mere speculations to quickly turn into health dogma. Which happens to spread like crazy.

Dahlia Rimmon,

Here's where I come in.

I hope to use this ongoing "What's the Deal" column to guide you away from nutrition misinformation and perhaps debunk a few myths along the way. Using reputable and evidence-based sources and research, my aim is to help you filter out the nonsense.

You may be asking, why me? Why should you trust my information more than other resources you may find on the web? While nutrition is a young science, it is a science I have been exposed to practically my whole life. My mother is a registered dietician and began leading my family by example, which propelled me to start my own work in nutrition. Currently I am pursuing a graduate degree in nutrition and a dietetic internship at California State University, Long Beach. 

Dahlia Rimmon,

My goal is to be a registered dietician so I can further understanding of foods' effects on the body, teach others to manage their medical conditions impacted by food, and empower others to form healthy relationships with food. Simply put: I am studying nutrition so I may become a trustworthy source of knowledge and information as a professional in the short-term future.

In conclusion, don't automatically believe and accept as fact everything you hear or read about in this realm. Instead, I invite you to explore nutrition, question myths, and ask lots of questions!!!

PLEASE LEAVE A COMMENT - I'd love to know what's on your mind and hear your suggestions for future Nutrition columns. 

Blessings and Love,

Dahlia Rimmon,

About Dahlia Rimmon
Dahlia Rimmon, Los Angeles, California, also known as Dahlia Eats on Instagram, graduated from Stern College with a BA in Sociology. She is now pursuing a Master's in Nutrition and Dietetics and Dietetic Internship at California State University, Long Beach. To add to that already interesting combo, Dahlia is engaging her culinary creativity and passion for good food by concocting new, easy, and healthy recipes to share with this blog's readers, in addition to her friends and family. In her free time, she enjoys hiking, Krav Mega training, gardening with her husband, and smoothies. Seriously, Dahlia is obsessed with smoothies as you will soon see in her upcoming MBE posts. 

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