Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Olympics Inspire American Youth With Fitness Role Models, Opportunity to Support Team USA

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Going into the second week of Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the USA team is making America proud. I could not be prouder that currently our country has 26 Gold, 20 Silver and 20 Bronze Medals in sports ranging from swimming, gymnastics, and track & field to tennis and judo -- with the United States in the lead with a total of 66 medals, trailed by China with 44 and Great Britain with 35.  What a great role model of excellence Team USA is for children and young adults growing up today to strive to push and strive to reach their unique physical fitness limits!

Back home in America, I'm equally proud of my son Jacob who recently attained the highest level of Scouting -- the rank of Eagle Scout, an honor bestowed upon a very small percentage of all Boy Scouts. He accomplished this after years of hard work, dedication and physical conditioning, completing his own decathlon-like adventures consisting of multiple hikes from 10 to 55 miles across the wilderness, escaping flash floods, crossing rivers balancing on a log while carrying a 70 pound pack, and encountering bears and other wildlife in all kinds of terrain and weather.

Jacob's love of the outdoors runs deep. In addition to being an avid hiker, and recently taking up rock climbing, running and weight lifting, he has been kayaking, cycling and downhill skiing since he was three years old. Come to think of it, a significant number of the scouting badges he's earned involved various sports and outdoor activities requiring endurance and strength. 

A scout, no matter what his rank, in addition to being of sound mind and body, always needs to be prepared and is expected to take care of his appearance, especially when in uniform. When he's on the trail for days at a time, my son relies on a quality, non-electric shaving razor: the Gillette Fusion ProShield Razor with FlexBall Technology men's shaver from Procter & Gamble. Not only is this a manual, light-weight shaver employing the brand's thinnest, finest blades well-designed to fit in the hand, it automatically releases lubrication before and after the blades for a clean, smooth shave.

Our youth are America's future. Like the Olympians representing the USA this summer, we definitely need to encourage our own sons and daughters to pursue their dreams and be the best they can be both mentally and physically. 

Ashton Eaton, Defending Decathlon Champion


I've been a fan of the Games of the Olympiad since I was a child watching all the events on our black-and-white TV set in the living room with my siblings and parents. I've continued that tradition with my own family, viewing the games via the latest technology. This year we've been closely following Team USA's Ashton Eaton, defending champion and world-record holder in the decathlon, who will be competing in that ultimate Olympics track & field event next week. 

With all the excitement of the Olympics right now, I could not be happier to invite you to join me in supporting The Olympic Games by shopping for P&G brands at Walmart to support Team USA. A wide variety of P&G products benefiting Team USA are available at your neighborhood Walmart and online at everyday low prices. Let's power their dreams, together.

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