Thursday, October 27, 2016

Cat Poll Reveals Fun Interesting Statistics + Free Custom GIF of Your Pet in Time For Halloween


If you're hopelessly cat crazy like we are here at MommyBlogExpert, and need a break from all the non-stop U.S. presidential election polls constantly being bounced around right now, you're not going to want to miss this cat comic relief post. After all, what could be more purr-fect to help take your mind temporarily off Election Day* than by learning about the fascinating findings of the 2016 National Meowlloween Poll?
*In all seriousness and fairness, Election Day really is important and everyone who is eligible to make every effort to get out and vote and do your civic duty on Tuesday, November 11th.

Back on topic... With all the viral Halloween-themed cat memes and videos multiplying like kittens in cyberspace, Meow Mix in conjunction with Learndipity Data Insights decided it was high time to cat-a-poll to a new level with their own amusing and surprising poll. The big surprise: of those polled, only 8% of cat parents dress their kitties up for Halloween in costume. I wonder why, LOL?

Among other fur-scinating findings in the survey

Cat Parents Love Their Kittens & Cats More Than Ever
  • 57% of cat parents say they spend most of their free time with their kitty
  • 37% of feline fanatics have their cat's picture as their phone wallpaper
Human-Feline Bonding is Unlike Any Other Relationship
  • 28% of cat-loving humans say they tell their kitties secrets no one else knows
  • 63% of cat parents would rather spend a quiet evening with kitty than with their significant other
People Love to Spoil Their Cats
  • 72% of cat moms and dads love to surprise their four-legged friends with treats
  • 36% of cat parents believe their kitty "gets" them more than human friends

Create A Scary Gif Starring Your Cat

Meow Mix has launched a special out of this world complimentary 'Cat Giffer'  app to add to its free Meowsterpiece on the brand's Purrfect Together Website. 

Cat Photos by
As you can see in the animated image which I created here, like-minded feline fans can easily and quickly produce a customized GIF with some cat photos of your own -- preferably in costume. You can even pose with your kitty and create your GIF with the both of you. Add your cat's photo to your choice of 12 quirky filters and then download, save and share with pride with your friends and across social media.

About Meow Mix
Learn more about the Meow Mix line, including their newest product, Meow Mix Brushing Bites to help keep your cat's teeth clean, by visiting the official site as well as following the brand on TwitterFacebookPinterest and Instagram.

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  1. We don't have a cat, but we love our dog and spoil her probably just as much. It would be fun to do a GIF of her.

  2. I love to dress my cats for Halloween. We have a few costumes to choose from. My cats are not so thrilled but it looks so cute.

  3. I am so tired of election everything! What a fun poll for any cat lover!

  4. We do love our kitty. I was surprised to learn that more than half of cat parents would rather spend time with their cat instead of their significant other. Wow.

  5. The custom cat gif sounds great! Thank you so much for sharing these facts. I don't know much about cat facts so these are great to know!

  6. That cat GIF is so adorable! I'm sure my best friend would appreciate something like that done for her. She just adopted her first cat so she would totally love something like that!

  7. Those statistica are totally legit for me. I love my cats like nothing else! I'm going to make a gif too!

  8. Pets are such special members of the family! Cats can be so much fun.

  9. my brother and his wife have a cat and she is like their child. and she is hilarious. you can always tell who runs things when I visit. ha

  10. This is such great information for cat lovers! I'm going to share this with all my fellow feline lovers so they can make cute Gifs to show their cat appreciation!

  11. This is hilarious! Yes, kitties are so fun to dress up... partially because you know they hate it and they just want to claw you up for it! lol!