Monday, October 31, 2016

Halloween Pet Safety Tips With Dr Frankenstein & Franken Penny Boston Terror Terrier Dog


Maximize the chances of keeping your dog and/or cat safe this Halloween, as well as year-round. Watch this short, entertaining video featuring essential pet safety tips from Pet Hub with Pet Lover Geek Lorien Clemens "Dr. Frankenstein" and her pup Franken Penny, The Boston Terror (Boston Terrier)

Safety Tips Every Pet Parent Must Know
  • Make sure your pet wears a collar with ID tag including current phone number
  • Don't allow your dog or cat to eat chocolate or candy, it's toxic to them
  • Keep animals indoors, instead of in the yard, on Halloween
  • Eliminate accidental escapes by putting your pet in another room or using a baby gate when trick or treaters arrive
  • Minimize the time your pet wears a costume since it's most likely not very comfortable for them
Dexter, our Miniature Pinscher
About Pet Hub
Pet Hub offers physical QR coded ID tags and collars that are can be scanned by the person who finds a lost or wandering pet and links them to an online profile that the pet owner creates including multiple emergency contacts, license and rabies tag numbers, microchip data, critical medications and more. All products are available online at

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