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Master Twitter Party Calendar Oct 23 - Oct 29 Parties w/ Prizes Constant Updates

Twitter Parties

Constant Updates, Keep Checking Back + Sneak Peek at Future Weeks

Master Twitter Party Calendar - Including USA & Canada

Twitter Party Calendar with Prizes


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Get all the details in this free constantly updated Master Twitter Chat Party Calendar listing tons of family friendly parties including specifics on prizes you can win and links to RSVP and participate. Includes Twitter Parties in the U.S. and Canada. A brand new weekly Twitter Party Schedule is published every Sunday at 9 am ET.

Be sure to check back often during each week as new events are added on an ongoing basis -- often with new prize-winning opportunities added several times per day. You'll also get a sneak peek at Twitter parties coming up next week and in the month ahead. Now listing Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, Google+, and Blab parties with prizes too.

Be the first to know when the latest MommyBlogExpert Twitter Party schedule goes live by subscribing to this blog and following MBE on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram and Google. The majority of parties listed are for U.S. only, unless indicated otherwise. Look for new parties for Canada residents highlighted in pink.


Monday, October 24

CBR BirthPlans Twitter Party at 2 pm ET with @cordblood @resourcefulmom and others. Prizes: TEN (10) winners get Mommy MD Guide to Pregnancy and Birth, THREE (3) $25 American Express giftcards, ONE (1) Grand Prize $250 AmEx GC. #CBRBirthPlans RSVP

SunButter4Life Food Allergy Bloggers Conference at 8 pm ET with @celiacbeast @fablogcon and others. Prizes: SunButter FABlogCon swag. #FABlogCon RSVP

Skin Care 101 Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @handandstoneca. Prizes: TBA - Canada residents ONLY eligible for prizes. #SkinCare101 No RSVP, Details

Tuesday, October 25

Snack Smarter Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @surfsweets @naturallysavvy and others. Prizes: SIX (6) Halloween treat prize packs ARV $55 - see Details link for complete prize descriptions. #SnackSmarter No RSVP, Details

Dunkin Donuts Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with @influenster and others. Prizes, Hashtag TBA. RSVP/Details 

Silly Brushing Twitter Party at 7 pm ET with @crunchybchmama and others. Prizes: TEN (10) Silly Brushing prize pack winners. #SillyBrushing Details

Go With Grapes Twitter Party at 9 pm ET with @grapesfromca. Prizes: FIVE (5) $25 giftcards, ONE (1) $200 Grand Prize + cookbook. #GoWithGrapes RSVP

Find Your Ahh Twitter Party at 9 pm ET with @bookieboo @mamavation and others. Prizes: SIX (6) Sunbeam heating pads. #FindYourAhh RSVP

Wednesday, October 26

Holiday Bliss Twitter Party at 11 am ET with @fruit_bliss. Prizes: Sampler packs of Fruit Bliss. #HolidayBliss RSVP

Nourish to Flourish Twitter Party at 4 pm ET with @veggiesmadeeasy @laurasfuentes. Prizes: TWO (2) $50, ONE (1) $150 + swag. #NourishtoFlourish Details

Love with Food Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @lovewithfood. Prizes: SIX (6) winners get an October food box, ONE (1) winner gets all 3 October food boxes. #LoveWithFood RSVP

Shimmer and Shine TRU Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @audreymcclellan @verasweeney. Prizes: TBA. #ShimmerandShineTRUParty No RSVP, Details

Macy's Birthday Saving Twitter Party at 9 pm ET with @freebies4mom @savings and others. Prizes: FOUR (4) $25 Macy's gift cards, FOUR (4) $50 Macy's GCs, TWO (2) $100 Macy's GCs, ONE (1) Grand Prize $250 Macy's GC - BOTH US & Canada residents eligible for prizes. #MacysBDAYSavings RSVP

Thursday, October 27

Swedish Fish Theory Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @swedishfish @crowdtappers. Prizes: $750 in gift card prizes. #SwedishFishTheory RSVP

Bjorn in the Woods Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @twiniversity. Prizes: TBA. #BjornintheWoods RSVP

Maybelline SuperStay 24 Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with @influenster. Prizes: TBA. #SuperStay24 RSVP

Inspired by Happiness Halloween Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @ibhappiness @mombloggersclub. Prizes: SEVEN (7) $25 VISA giftcards, ONE (1) $50 VISA GC + Happiness branded products. #IBHappyGF RSVP

Kroger A Plus Eats Twitter Party 8 pm ET - 9:30 pm ET with @mommynamedapril. Prizes: FIVE (5) giftcards. #KrogerAPlusEats Details

Friday, October 28

Velcro Brand Trick or Tweet Twitter Party at 2 pm ET with @sabrinasoto. Prizes: TBA. #TrickorTweet Details

Recommit to Fitness Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with the VZWBuzz team. Prizes: ONE (1) Samsung Level Bluetooth headphones, ONE (1) Fitbit Charge 2. #VZWBuzz RSVP

Home Depot Do-it-Herself Twitter Party at 7 pm ET with @audreymcclellan @thenetworkniche and others. Prizes: $400 in giftcards. #DIHWorkshop RSVP

Little Miss Match Twitter Party at 8:15 pm ET with @littlemissmatch @thesimpleparent. Prizes: TBA. #LMMBoodle Details


Tuesday, November 1

Fair Pay Today Twitter Party at 2 pm ET with @drbronner @projectfairness and others. Prizes: BA. #FairPayToday Details

First Five LA Chat Twitter Party at 2:30 pm ET with @first5la @first5laparents and others. Prizes: $25 + $50 Lakeshore Learning giftcards, Kids in the House premium membership ARV $49.99, PBS So California gift basket ARV $75, Lil' Libros book bundle. #First5Chat RSVP

Food Allergy Bloggers Conference Pre-show Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @celiacbeast @fablogcon. Prizes: FABlogCon swag. #FABlogCon RSVP

Wednesday, November 2

Canada's Garage Winter Prep Twitter Party at 7 pm ET with @canadiantire. Prizes: $1000 in prizing - Canada residents ONLY eligible for prizes. #CanadasGarage No RSVP, Details

Working Mother Twitter Party at 8 pm ET with @_workingmother @fidelityjobs. Prizes: ONE (1) $200 VISA GC, ONE (1) $100 Target GC, ONE (1) $50 VISA GC, ONE (1) $50 Target GC. #WorkingMom RSVP

Thursday, November 3

Dunkin' at Home Twitter Party at 5 pm ET with @clever_network @dunkindonuts. Prizes: SIX (6) $100 VISA giftcards, ONE (1) Grand Prize $200 VISA GC - all winners will also get a Dunkin' Donuts prize pack ARV $50. #DunkinatHome RSVP

Friday,  November 4

Snack Smarter Twitter Party at 1 pm ET with @nordicnaturals @naturallysavvy and others. Prizes: TBA. Follow hashtag #SnackSmarter, more details soon

Managing Stress Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with the VZWBuzz team. Prizes: TBA. #VZWBuzz RSVP


Tuesday, November 8

She Savvy Thanksgiving Twitter Party at 9 pm ET with @mombloggersclub @paigewhite and others. Prizes: $300 in VISA giftcards - BOTH US & Canada residents eligible for prizes. #SheSavvy RSVP

Friday, November 11

Managing Your Data Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with the VZWBuzz team. Prizes: TBA. #VZWBuzz RSVP

Friday, November 18

Getting Ready for Thanksgiving Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with the VZWBuzz team. Prizes: TBA. #VZWBuzz RSVP

Friday, November 25

Finding Gifts for the Holidays Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with the VZWBuzz team. Prizes: TBA. #VZWBuzz RSVP

Friday, December 2

Financial Fitness Twitter Party at 3 pm ET with the VZWBuzz team. Prizes: TBA. #VZWBuzz RSVP

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