Friday, November 18, 2016

DIY Christmas Holiday Snowman Gift Wrap Ideas


Creative DIY Gift Wrapping Ideas 

Lots of new, wonderful and creative DIY holiday gift wrapping ideas for the holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah are popping up all over. Read on for some of the cutest and fun wrapping craft projects to date for you to create this season with just a few simple materials.

For example, check out this darling 3-wrapped gift box stacked snowman  on the 3M Scotch Brand Tape site. These can be used to package odd-shaped or small presents and involve using recycled cartons, as well as a few other basic craft supplies including paper, scissors and of course, Double-Sided Scotch Brand Tape. 

Snowman DIY Christmas Gift Wrapping Idea
Image from Scotch Brand Tape

So easy and fun to create -- even kids can help make this. Or better yet, imagine the look on that special child's face when you surprise them with this fanciful and creative holiday gift presentation. You could even think outside the box, figuratively, and stack even more boxes in graduated sizes to make a giant snowman. Just think, if you celebrate Hanukkah you could stack EIGHT boxes up to the ceiling!

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