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Book Review Victoria Historical Novel by NYT Bestselling Author Now Available


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Whether you are intrigued by royal family lineage and protocol, wish you could have lived during the Victorian era, enjoy reading historical novels, or just love a good soap opera style read about the shenanigans that go on behind closed doors at Buckingham Palace, you will likely appreciate the fascinating new book Victoria.

In a nutshell, this story is based on the actual diaries of Queen Victoria. More explicitly, it is the dramatization and backstory of a real-life immature petite 18-year old girl who ascended the throne in 1836 and reigned as Queen Victoria of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for the rest of her life for more than 63 years.

Written by British novelist Daisy Goodwin, this new book just launched is by the same author who brought us New York Times Bestsellers The American Heiress and The Fortune Hunter. Goodwin is also the creator/screenwriter who brought us the Masterpiece presentation Victoria on PBS. 

I'm a lifelong reader and am always on the lookout for the next good book to support my insatiable literary habit -- and in Victoria, I've found it. This book is definitely a page-turner and if you're like me, you'll have a difficult time putting it down. As you imagine walking down the cobblestone streets of London or wandering through the Palace knot garden, you'll find this story equally entertaining and insightful about what might lie behind the seemingly plastered-on smiles that royal families past and present have always worn in public. 

As you read chapter to chapter through this book (hard cover 401 pages), you will be astounded with how an overly-sheltered and shy little girl evolves and matures at an exponential rate into a confident Queen. Equally impressive is the intricate character development of the Queen's mother and the other colorful relatives who lurk among this highly dysfunctional family. 

There's even Victoria's little dog who is her constant companion and sometimes her only confidante, as she embarks on the journey of finding a husband suited for royal life. Add in the female and male members of the Royal court and you have the perfect dynamic for more drama, suspense, romance and even wishfulness than you could have ever imagined.

This is the perfect book to give to a book lover or even yourself. If you are so inclined, pick this title up, pour yourself a hot cup of tea. Then get ready to escape into the world of Victoria. This title would be a good choice for book clubs who enjoy discussing historical novels and royalty, too.

You might even be prompted, as I have been, to dig into the history books to learn as much as you can about the Queen Victoria who actually lived because this title is so well written it's often hard to tell the difference between fact and fiction.

Honestly, I can't think of a better way to get cozy than to spend the long and cold nights of winter reading a book like this which is so well-written and overflowing with passion.  

More About Victoria
Released on November 22, 2016, this book is now available in hardcover, paperback, Kindle and Audiobook. Buy it at Amazon and Barnes & Noble. To stay up to date on all the buzz about Victoria, follow St Martins Press on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also connect with author Daisy Goodwin by following her on Twitter and Facebook.

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