Tuesday, January 3, 2017

CES Family Friendly Tech Sneak Peek at New Products Moms, Dads & Kids Will Love


This week I'm headed to Las Vegas for the biggest gathering of tech products, gadgets and technology in the world. Among the thousands of new products and technologies that will be introduced at CES this week, I'm most excited about seeing the innovations that make family life more beautiful, meaningful, less stressful and fun.

Oombrella Connected Umbrella, Image from Oombrella

Here's a preview of the exciting products I'll be sharing with readers live from CES via social media as well as over the coming weeks on both MommyBlogExpert.com and WellConnectedMom.com

As a lifelong user of everything Apple, I could not be more excited to check out this beautiful looking see-through case with matching metallic trimming on Polycarbonate bumpers. Dubbed the Sentinel from Patchworks, this ultra modern looking protective case being unveiled is designed specially for the iPhone 7/6/7 Plus and 6 Plus.

Image from Patchworks

As an Apple mobile and desktop aficionado, I'm excited to see the complete lineup of desktop, travel and ultra-slim Kanex Premium MultiSync Keyboards for Mac and iOS connecting simultaneously with Apple desktop, iPhone and iPad.

Image from Kanex

Hate doing laundry? Me, too. In fact, I don't know too many moms who have kids who don't actually dread this task. Gathering wash from around the house and then sorting it and putting in in the washer and dryer is the easy part. It's the ironing and folding that is what I really don't like. With this new household appliance from FoldiMate.com you have a laundry folding robot at your beck and call.

Here's something new I think moms-to-be and new moms are going to appreciate. The Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad helps you know how much breast milk your baby is drinking at each feeding. And, since it partners with an app on your smartphone, you can share data automatically with caregivers as well as chart your baby's growth and understand his/her patterns between pediatrician visits. This sure would have been helpful to me as I once had four kids in diapers at once born within a year, including triplets.

Image from Hatch Baby

For kids there's the TankBot Kit from UBTECH, the first STEM-friendly Jimu Robot for kids and teens which runs on tank treads and incorporates an IR sensor to detect objects to pick up or navigate around.

Image from UBTech

Fun, educational and inspiring for the little future coders and innovators of the world is SAM Labs new Curious Cars Kit. Featuring wireless SAM Blocks that link and stack together like that famous Swedish toy brand, kids can build cars and then program them using Bluetooth. 

Image from Curious Cars

When it comes to technology for pets, amazing new practical gadgets keep coming out. New this year is the Scollar, an interactive collar for cats and small dogs. Keep track of pet feeding times, flea/tick treatment notifications, medication reminders and more.

Image from Scollar

Just for cats -- and for small dogs too -- there's also the Catspad. This is a smart cat (or small dog) feeder that dispenses the proper amount of cat/dog food while you're away as well fresh filtered water. Monitor that little 4-legged friend's health even when you are away from each other.

Image from Catspad

Here's an occupational therapy tool, honored with the CES 2017 Innovation Award, to assist the family member who has had a stroke. The NEOFECT Rapael Smart Glove is a wearable device that uses training games and artificial intelligence software to help increase hand mobility. 

Image from NEOFECT

Leave it up to the fashion-forward French company Digitsole to unveil the first-ever complete collection of connected footwear this week, following their introduction of the world's first auto-lacing smart shoes at CES 2016. Among the new digital smartshoe collection I cannot wait to see a demo of the telescopic high heel shoes which can be adjusted in height via your smartphone. Talk about combining form and function into one essential fashion accessory!

Don't be caught out in the rain.  Instead, check out the beautiful and functional Oombrella, a smart umbrella that can help by alerting you when it's going to rain. This product, designed by the company France, also will notify you when you leave it behind, so you don't forget and lose it.

Image from Oombrella

Yet another fashion-conscious accessory from France on my must-see list is the Exalt by Foxter, a new smart watch for men that doesn't look like one. Say goodbye to clunky, awkwardness at work and while attending social functions and hello to style and function with this hybrid wearable innovation, combining the best of smart watch technology with a classically modern design. 

Image from Foxter

One of the most practical devices in the family tech space this year is the Onvi Prophix Smart Video Toothbrush, developed by a practicing dentist of 35 years. This is the first-ever smart video toothbrush which pairs with an iOS app using Bluetooth and Wi-Fi to allow the user to better see and understand their current dental health status while brushing. As a mom who just took two of my four kids to the dentist, each to have three cavities filled, I certainly this is worth trying out.
Image from Prophix

The list goes on... with great gadgets like GeniCan which turns any garbage can in your home into a smart trash collection station. Imagine a device that will automatically add everything tossed out and scanned onto your smartphone shopping list, as well as message your child when it's time to take the kitchen garbage out.  

Also, who isn't curious about the new Toyota concept vehicle to be broadcast via Livestream from CES in Las Vegas this Wednesday at 1pm PST/4pm EST? Hinting at what we might all expect, Toyota says the announcement "highlights the critical importance of User Experience (UX) in the development of highly automated vehicles and robots."

It's sure looking like I'm not going to be getting much sleep with all the brilliant and exciting news that will be emanating from Las Vegas this week. Come to think of it, I doubt few of us who will be in town for the show will be surprised that the bright casino lights which usually are the city's focal point, will look dim in comparison.

Stay tuned for live MommyBlogExpert updates via social as the week goes on.

FTC Disclosure: No payment was exchanged in association with this post and opinions here are my own. All photos as credited. 

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