Monday, April 10, 2017

Passover Chocolate Candy Bark Recipe - Easy & FUN to Eat for Pesach

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Passover is a special time to gather with family and friendly for the traditional Seder and holiday meal. 

Start a new tradition this year and create some new memories by making this super easy sweet chocolate treat which you can make quickly with kosher for Passover ingredients you likely have on hand: colored sprinkles, your favorite holiday candies (think chocolate nonpareils, candy fruit slices, mini marshmallows, Jordan almonds, etc). Then, add some crunch and contrast with potato chips, broken matzahs, and/or pecans.  

Serve this for dessert and chances are your guests will be asking YOU for the recipe!

Passover Chocolate Bark with Matzah Bits & Nonpareils


Passover Chocolate Candy Bark

Prep Time  30 minutes or less
Chill in Fridge 1 hour


Two 3 oz bars of good quality bittersweet chocolate
One 9 oz bag of chocolate chips
3-5 T. margarine to add as much as needed
1/2 cup each of 3-4 fave holiday candies
1/4 cup broken potato chips, matzot and/or nuts


1. If using mini candies or pecan halves you can leave whole. Otherwise roughly break candies into pieces and place aside in separate small dishes. You can carefully use a hammer to gently break up Jordan almonds, if you're using them. Crunch up the potato chips and matzot and also set aside in small dishes.
2. Break chocolate bars into pieces, 1 inch square or slightly smaller.
3. Place broken chocolate in microwave safe bowl
4. Add the bag of chocolate chips 
5. Microwave on high 1 minute, then immediately remove, add 2 tablespoons of margarine and stir with a metal spoon for a few minutes. If the chocolate isn't completely melted, return to microwave and heat for 30 seconds more, adding more up to 3 more tablespoons margarine to thin chocolate enough to spread. Be careful not to overcook.
6. Pour hot melted chocolate onto a 13x9 rimmed cookie sheet pan lined with wax paper or baking parchment paper, using a metal spoon to smooth chocolate to edges.
7. Working quickly, starting with the largest candies, press one type of candy or crunchy item at a time gently into the chocolate so they are still mostly visible  and distributing evenly. Continue adding candies, largest to smallest, ending with the tiny add-ins (like sprinkles).
8. Chill 1 hour in refrigerator or until hard. Then, roughly break into bite size pieces and place on a dessert platter and ENJOY!

Passover Chocolate Bark with Potato Chips & Pecans
The choice is yours... you can mix and match whatever toppings you'd like to add with equally delish results.

Happy Passover 
to everyone celebrating!

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