Monday, May 1, 2017

Kids Reusable Water Balloons Toy Review


Water Balloon Fights are Back

Do you remember playing with friends on a hot summer day when you were a kid, hurling water balloons at each other to stay cool? Nice to see how much company I have here and that this is such a fond childhood memory for so many of us. Water balloon fights really were a blast. Except for the part about the mess -- that is. Fragments of broken balloons littering the yard, park or pool area which our parents made us clean up afterwards. Ha! Those were the good old days.

Refillable Water Balloons for Today's Kids

Fast forward to 2017. Today's boys and girls have it easier than we ever did in so many ways. Take for example, good old-fashioned water balloon fights which are still a beloved outdoor summer pastime for our youth. Thanks to the new patent-pending toy Water Wubble, the world's only refillable, self-sealing water balloon ball, modern kids can have as much fun as we once did with water balloons, but without latex fragments flying everywhere. 

Inside this toy's box is a colorful illustrated instruction sheet. Kids will also discover eight sturdy but flexible water balls that expand like balloons when filled with water including four red water balls and four blue ones. The color coding makes this fun to compete against each other one-on-one or team up with a group of friends Color Wars style.

Let the unboxing excitement begin ...

My little neighborhood friends Abbie and Naomi featured throughout this post were the best scriptwriters, directors, actresses, and models for this blogpost.

Kid comments about the back of the box...

These sisters, in fact, could not have been better story tellers. They were more than happy to don their bathing suits and enthusiastically demo this innovative new toy for this review, to show you just how simple and fun the new Water Wubble is to play with from a kid's perspective.

Simple enough for kids to fill up with water ...

Easy to Fill, Play With and Reuse

  • Fill from the faucet or garden hose, or dunk under water
  • Self seals with no small parts to lose
  • Take along to the beach and pool parties
  • Refill and toss again and again
  • Floats in water so balls don't sink

And now, what you've all been waiting for: the Water Wubble Water Balloon Fight in Action...

Maybe we are spoiling our kids just a little. But hey, what could be better than this? With this fun toy, instead of grumbling while picking up after themselves, modern day youngsters now have much more time to get outside, be active, refill and throw lots more water balloon balls at each other.

For sure, from the looks of it and these girls' smiles, I'd say that water balloon fights will never be the same again with the new Water Wubble water balloon balls you can buy in stores nationwide and also online.

Where to Buy & More Information

Water Wubble, recommended for children 6 years-old and up,  is available for purchase in the USA and Canada direct from NSI Toys also markets and makes a wide variety of other toys and family friendly consumer products such as the Super Wubble giant ball, the popular Magic Rocks and Smithsonian Science Kits,  and their own craft and activity brands.

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