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The Emoji Movie Family Review - Why Take Your Kids to See This Film?


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If this is not the first The Emoji Movie review you've read, you may already be aware of what some of the other movie reviewers are saying about this new Sony Pictures film which opened in theaters nationwide today. 

Why Consider Taking the Kids to See This?

Here's the other side of the story that the naysayers aren't talking about: the reasons why you should take your children to see this engaging animated new movie. 

The Emoji Movie debuts at Cannes, Sony Pictures Image

Mom Film Critics Know Best

As a professional movie critic, who is also a mom of four kids, I have been known to give my motherly opinion about why some beautifully produced films, such as PG-rated The BFG (2016) which was the first-ever Disney movie directed by Steven Spielberg, are marketed to a family audience, yet may not be appropriate for younger audiences. 

The Emoji Movie, is also in the very broad PG category, officially rated for Rude Humor. But with a big difference which Moms and Dads might want to consider. After attending the premiere and seeing the movie, as a parent if it were up to me, I would unofficially describe this picture as "very mild rude humor." What I'm talking about here is the kind of silly poop jokes kids have been fascinated with and laughed at for generations. You know: the ones us grownups grew up giggling about and the ones with which we don't typically take offense from when our own little ones are going through "that phase."

But I'm getting ahead of myself. The movie is so much more than poop. Let's get down to the nitty gritty of why parents should take the time to educate ourselves first about what this movie is really about and all the positive things about life that it teaches children in an entertaining way. Then, decide for yourselves whether or not it is suitable for your own family.

The Storyline

After the film begins, the audience is virtually drawn into the smartphone messaging app called Textopolis populated by every emoji under the sun, both the popular and the obscure. From that point on, during the showing I attended, all viewers' eyes were glued to the big movie screen, not to their smartphones. An important point here: This is the first kids' movie I've seen in a long time where I actually didn't observe any bored parents texting or checking their email during the show.

An all-star voice over cast adds to the overall audience experience, moving the plot forward. In the lead role is T.J. Miller (Silicon Valley) as the emoji Gene, who sets out on a mission to fit in with his peers, to become "normal" like all the other emojis. Joining him on his quest, are fellow emoji outliers Hi-5 (James Corden) and code breaking gal Jailbreak (Anna Faris).

Along the way, this gregarious threesome surmounts multiple challenges, never looking back. A host of other emojis add to the dialog and action: Sir Patrick Stewart (Poop), Christina Aguilera (Akiko Glitter), Sofia Vergara (Flamenca), Jennifer Coolidge (Mary Meh, Gene's emoji Mom), Maya Rudolph (Smiler), and Steven Wright (Mel Meh, Gene's emoji Dad).

The film's world premiere at the historic Regency Village Theater in Westwood, Los Angeles was a family-friendly Sunday afternoon The Emoji Movie-themed carnival. The stars of the movie as well as other Hollywood celebrities (Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott and Mario Lopez to name just a few) brought their own kids out to join the fun and celebration.

Here's cast member Christina Aguilera, real-life mom and pop artist icon, who attended with her boyfriend Matthew Rutler and kids, Max (9) and Summer (2). Both children, as well as the grownups, were adorably dressed from head to toe in emoji-inspired outfits. Check out those oversized heart shaded sunglasses!

In some ways this movie resembles the critically-acclaimed Inside Out (2016). Like that animated Disney box office hit, The Emoji Movie centers around a family and two parents who love a child who is struggling to fit in and find their place in the world. Both films bring relatable human qualities, feelings, conflicts and life lessons to characters that don't live and breathe like a person IRL. With that said, if you liked Inside Out, I think both you and your kids are going to love The Emoji Movie even more because it's communicated via the language today's kids commonly use and understand: emojis. 

Another Dad, who attended the premiere with his kids, has some fun with emoji finger puppets.

A FUN Movie for
Parents & Kids

Important Life Lessons for Kids

But this film isn't just about emojis, texting, social media, or even technology. It's not only family entertainment, adventure and comedy, either. What it is about is an emoji named Gene who finds out and accepts who he really is and has the courage to change the world because of his differences. 

It's a story rich with positive messaging for today's kids who are under so much pressure to fit inside the box. Ultimately, the takeaway from this movie for each boy and girl is to believe in yourself and celebrate your uniqueness.

The Emoji Movie Review

As real life dad James Corden said so concisely at the premiere he attended with his own young son, "To be unique is a wonderful thing. It's all that matters. Your differences are what make you truly great."

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