Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Barbuda St Barts Puerto Rico Hurricane Irma Caribbean Inspiration Amidst Disaster


Take Refuge from the Storm with Positive Images

As the first news trickles out of places like Barbuda, St. Barts, St. Martin and smaller, lesser-known Caribbean islands, already there has been devastating property damage, injuries and the loss of lives. It's too early to know the full extent of the destruction as some islands have lost all power and communications. But one thing is for sure, experts are now saying this is the most powerful hurricane ever to be measured over the Atlantic Ocean.

St Barts Beach

Wishing safe refuge for everyone in the path of Hurricane Irma as it rages across water and land. No one can predict exactly where it is headed next, but there is a still the possibility this spiraling storm of destruction will slam Florida this weekend where mandatory evacuations have already been announced in some areas. 

Despite the chaos -- hopefully both the concerned public as well as those who literally find themselves in the eye of the storm -- can generate new strength to deal with the challenges ahead and to think positively toward rebuilding and the future.

Barbuda Antigua Caribbean Conch Shell

Throughout this post are photos of happier times recalling a recent family trip to this beautiful and precious part of the world which relies heavily on tourism as their number one industry. 

A watery, expansive and magical region, rich in history and teeming with natural beauty as well as human life that has brought a unique melding of cultures and art to one of the most photographed and beloved corners of the world.

San Juan Puerto Rico Folk Art Wood Carving

By sharing these images I hope to inspire a positive outlook to show solidarity during and after this horrific storm. I have no doubt that the world is praying -- no matter what your religion -- for everyone directly affected.

St Barts Shell Beach Caribbean

Here's what CNN's Hurricane Irma path model looked like when MBE's post went live tonight at 9:30 pm EST.

Hurricane Irma Caribbean Storm Path

For the latest updates, track the storm of the century with this free CNN storm tracker

Puerto Rico Fort Castillo de San Cristobal

Thinking of Puerto Rico, The Turks and Caicos, and Florida, now. Hoping for the best possible outcome for all.

Miami Beach Florida Atlantic Ocean

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