Monday, October 9, 2017

Easy Healthy Kids Breakfast Busy Moms Appreciate Daves Overnight Oats Review

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Mothers have been saying the same thing to children for generations, "Always eat a good breakfast." Chances are good you probably say something similar to your own kids. Yet, in today's fast-paced tech world, multi-tasking, well-intended moms like you and I know that is easier said than done. That's why I'd like to introduce you to my newest nutritious oatmeal cereal find for busy families on the go: Overnight Oats by Dave's Naturals, an easy, healthy and delicious breakfast kids and grownups will both look forward to every morning.

For this review, I had the opportunity to try all four easy-to-prepare Dave's Naturals varieties: Apple Nut, Blueberry Vanilla Almond, Mixed Berry and Cinnamon Raisin. Honestly, I liked them all and think there's one or more nutritious and delicious breakfast choices here every member of your own family will enjoy. 

No matter which flavor you choose, this nutritional gluten-free breakfast in a disposable single serving size paper cup is USA made, gluten-free and high in both protein and fiber. Each starts with organic whole grain oats, organic cane sugar, chia seeds and oat bran. Then, depending on the flavor, ingredients adding to the nutritional value also include apples, various types of berries, nuts, cinnamon or natural flavors.

School nights and mornings are equally crazy, so it's good to know Overnight Oats by Dave's Naturals are simple to prepare, too.  The night before, all you do is open the container and add milk (or if lactose intolerant, any milk substitute preferred) to just cover the oats, put the lid back on and pop it in the refrigerator. Then the next morning, just stir and eat cold or microwave two minutes for a hot stick to your ribs breakfast. 

Running a few minutes late? No problem, the kids can enjoy this in the car (or on the bus or subway) on the way to school. Equally handy, filling and a great way to start your own day when commuting to work, too... as long as you're not the one behind the wheel driving. 

Eat it right out of the container for a delish hot or cold morning meal. Want a little more texture? Here are just a few simple ways to top off Dave's Naturals Overnight Oats and add crunch and color with your favorite fresh fruit and/or nuts.

Making sure our families are properly fueled to begin each day is essential to doing one's best at school or work, right? Dave's Naturals Overnight Oats is just the thing. It's convenient, delicious and healthy, the perfect old-fashioned breakfast for busy modern family lives like yours and mine. Breakfast never tasted so good!

About Overnight Oats by Dave's Naturals
Overnight Oats by Dave's Naturals are a blend of oats, chia, almonds, fruit and natural flavors which you soak overnight in their convenient sized individual container. In the morning, a nutritious, tasty, energy-rich breakfast is ready to grab and go. Available in four varieties: Apple Nut, Blueberry Vanilla Almond, Mixed Berry and Cinnamon Raisin selling on Dave's Gourmet website in 2.1 oz cartons for $3.49 each and in cases of 8 of a single flavor for $24.99. In addition to learning about the brand on the website, follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram to keep up on all the news about this delicious, healthy line of Overnight Oats. 

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