Thursday, October 26, 2017

Party Animal Fall Halloween Dog Cat Bouquets


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Enchanting Fall Arrangements Enhance Fall

Flowers are the perfect gift for so many occasions to show someone special how much you care about them. In fact, if you are unsure of what to buy, a beautiful flower arrangement is a present that just about everyone loves receiving. With fall well underway now, and the holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving fast approaching, I wanted to tip you off to something that would look beautiful in your home or be a great holiday gift: the new unique and adorable Party Animal Collection of fall-theme floral sculpture bouquets now available for delivery from 1-800-Flowers. 

Party Animals for Halloween, Thanksgiving 

These sweet animal themed 3D flower dog and cat arrangements will put a smile on both the kids and adults at any fall celebration this season and are a wonderful way to bring the beauty of the season indoors to your table and home. 

Loyal readers won't be surprised to know that I adore everything about fall and I'm a dog lover. So, naturally my personal favorite in the new 1800Flowers Party Animal collection is the A-DOG-able for Fall bouquet

From the moment this rather unique flower arrangement was delivered to my house by a real live local florist delivery person (not shipped in a box), my family and our guests over the next week couldn't stop commenting about how whimsical and charming this floral dog sculpture is.

Lovingly created by a talented florist, the main focal point of this centerpiece is a perky white puppy with paws perched curiously over the edge. The dog is created from fresh white carnations with a pair of google eyes, button size nose, and a pretty ribbon bow collar for added realism. 

Encircling this cute dog, is a garden of real dried oak leaves in all their fall splendor and greenery "planted" inside a beautiful ceramic artisan pumpkin canister. Especially designed for this arrangement, the 5.87"H x 5"W x 5"L reusable container is bedazzled with sparkling gold metal pumpkin vines, leaves, and stem on the lid. 

An added plus about this festive fall-theme centerpiece, which is approximately 11"H x 9"L, is that it's like getting two arrangements in one because it is reversible. Facing forward you see the dog created in flowers, while turning it around is an equally pretty fall arrangement on the backside. 

So, no matter how you look at it from every angle, this delightful centerpiece brings the fall indoors and is just the right size and height for a party buffet or the dining room table. Come to think of it, this would look lovely and welcoming for a guest bathroom or guest bedroom, too. 

Whether you're hosting or attending a fall event for adults, kids or a combination of both age groups, these flowers will add some festive color, novelty and fun to your Halloween and Thanksgiving entertaining and other holiday celebrations this season.

5 Fall Recycle DIY Craft Ideas

Properly cared for, adding water as needed, fresh flowers like this typically last 6-8 days. After you're done enjoying the bouquet, don't throw away the vase it came in. Instead, rinse out the decorative container with water and air dry upside down.

When a container is as beautiful as this pumpkin I received with the dog Party Animal floral arrangement, it's good to know it's practical and can be repurposed in a variety of ways. Here are some quick crafty DIY ideas for a pumpkin vase makeover to keep enjoying it in the months and years ahead.  

Make a Candy or Snack Bowl

This is the simplest of all the ideas here. It would, of course, be fun to reuse the pumpkin as a dish for candy, nuts, pretzels, chips and more throughout the holidays. 

Candy Corn Guessing Game

Extending the candy dish idea... Think outside the box (or in this case, outside the pumpkin)! How about creating a Count the Candy Corn Game with this? Simply fill the empty pumpkin container with candy corn, then invite party guests to guess how many candies are inside. Give a prize to the person who's guess is closest without going over the actual amount.

Thankful  Thanksgiving Notes

My favorite involves paper, not food, and is a great way to carve out (some quality time, not a real pumpkin) with the kids during this special time of gratitude. Create a family heirloom and start a new tradition with your children by bringing this pretty ceramic pumpkin out in the weeks before Thanksgiving. Then, get the youngsters to write what they're thankful for on slips of paper each day during the month of November and drop them into the container. On Thanksgiving Day, you or your child can take one note out of the pumpkin at a time and read them aloud. Consider saving the children's notes (making sure you include the date on each) from year-to-year and re-reading them again annually for additional family fun and great memories.

Fresh Fall Leave Mini Bouquet

Another fun and easy idea is to make a mini fall leaves bouquet like I did by repurposing the real oak leaves that came staked in the A-DOG-able for Fall Party Animal arrangement to keep them fresh and vibrant. You can also collect fall leaves outside, tape the stems to skewers and place them in a pretty glass of water for a similar effect. The original bouquet I received was delivered three weeks ago and as you can see, the fall leaves are still pretty to look at. 

Fall Holiday Party Animal Collection 

Available from 1-800-Flowers
  • A-DOG-able for Fall
  • Fabulous Fall Feline
  • Witchy Pooch
  • Purrfect Potions Feline

About 1800Flowers

Learn more about the complete line of floral arrangements to choose from, including the charming dogs, cats, bears and bees in the sculptural Party Animal flower bouquet collection, all available at in a wide variety of choices for various holidays and occasions (like birthdays and get well wishes) throughout the year. You can also stay in the loop on the news about the brand's beautiful and unique florist offerings by visiting them on social media

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