Tuesday, December 26, 2017

9 Children's Holiday Specials New & Returning on Amazon Prime Video Kids Review


Outsmarting Winter Vacation Boredom

For those of you celebrating the holiday season, keeping children busy between Christmas night and New Year's Day can be especially challenging. Actually, I'd bet that few parents with young kids would disagree that soon after the excitement of opening all the presents under the tree wears off on Christmas morning, boredom sets in. Yet, with the first day back at school after winter vacation still a week or more away, what's a mom or dad to do? 

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Host a Stream-a-thon Party

The answer is to extend the festivities with an abundance of quality, engaging kid-friendly entertainment, enjoying an Amazon Prime Video Kids Holiday Stream-a-thon together with the entire family across the generations.  

In addition, you might want to invite some of your child's friends over for a cookie decorating party to binge watch some of the best kid-appropriate digital seasonal home entertainment offered today. Better yet, why not go all out with a simple hot chocolate bar so everyone can sip and be entertained simultaneously?

Amazon Prime Holiday Specials Abound

On Amazon Prime Video Kids alone there are a whopping nine holiday options streaming right now including two new Prime Original holiday specials and two returning kids holiday features. There are also five children's series with new and existing holiday theme episodes. 

Each of the feature length specials as well as series episodes imparts a unique mix of take aways for kids and their families in the form of learning about traditions and life lessons in the holiday spirit, and even counting down to the start of a new year.

New Amazon Prime Kids Specials

Both of the brand-new Amazon Prime Original holiday animated specials are inspired by beloved children's classic award-winning book authors that young and old will recognize. 

The Click, Clack, Moo: Christmas at the Farm movie takes its cue from the Click, Clack, Moo children's book series (2001-present) by New York Times bestselling writing duo Doreen Cronin and Betsy Lewin. My own four children (triplets plus one all born within a year) are in college now, but I'll never forget how much they loved when I read the Click, Clack, Moo stories to them. Voicing the lovable human and farm animal characters are Rachel Bloom (Crazy Ex-Girlfriend) as Cow 2, Pete Davidson (Saturday Night Live) as Duck and Patton Oswalt (Ratatouille) as Appliance Al, among many others.

Just as much fun and wholesome for parents to watch with children is Pete the Cat: A Groovy New Year, premiering today. This new special is based on the popular Pete the Cat books by New York Times bestselling authors Kimberly and James Dean. Voice cast members include seasoned child actors Jacob Tremblay (Wonder) and Django Marsh (Phineas and Ferb) as well as other talented adults and kids in this music-driven animated movie about a cool cat who teaches kids about important lessons in life, friendship, good character, and other positive, upbeat ideas for making the coming year the best yet.

Returning Holiday Specials & Series

A pair of popular returning specials are also must-watches including If You Give a Mouse a Christmas Cookie and The Snowy Day. The former program is informed by the If You Give a Mouse book series first published in 1985 by author Laura Numeroff and illustrator Felicia Bond and will certainly have special appeal to millennials who are now parents. The latter show, inspired by the 1962 Caldecott Medal winning book The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats, will reach deep into the souls of three generations, making even grandparents reminisce about a truly classic title from their own Baby Boomer youth. 

The fun, educational and entertaining programming continues with new and existing holiday episodes from the Amazon Prime shows that today's young boys and girls already enjoy, including Wishenpoof, The Stinky & Dirty Show, Bookaboo, Creative Galaxy and Tumble Leaf.

Here's a peek at the fun in store for kids...

With so many fun specials and holiday-inspired kids' show episodes new and old to see exclusively on Amazon Prime Kids, your child will have a full schedule with many hours of life enriching age-appropriate entertainment. 

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