Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Comprehensive Smart Home Wifi Cybersecurity Solution with Dojo by BullGuard Now at Best Buy

Connected Home

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Today billions of Internet of Things (iOT) devices -- from residential smart alarms, locks, lighting, thermostats, baby monitors, smart appliances to doggy doors and more -- are now in use by consumers. 

However, with malware, viruses and cyber attacks lurking in the shadows, a secure smart in-home network could not be more critical to providing overall protection to each person's little bit of paradise, our homes and loved ones.

Rock Solid Smart Home Security

Having access to all these helpful wifi-enabled technologies, including those operated remotely via our smart phones, simplify life and make managing our home and modern lifestyles so much more convenient. But because all these smart devices operate off home wifi, there is always the possibility of cyber criminals still hacking into your home and privacy.

That's where Dojo by BullGuard, the world's most comprehensive smart home cybersecurity system comes in, providing rock solid overall protection for you and your loved ones.

Easy Setup

Dojo is easy and quick to set up. After unpacking the box, slide open the hand-sized black Pebble and insert four AA batteries. Slide the cover back into place to close the hand-sized faux rock and simply set it on the rectangular base on a flat service such as a desk, book shelf, table or side table.

Next, using the provided Ethernet Cable, connect the Dojo base unit to your existing Wi-Fi router. Then plug the provided power supply to Dojo and a standard wall socket. Last step: download the Dojo app. 

From here Dojo takes over to automatically protect you, the kids and even your beloved dogs, cats and other pets -- giving your household peace of mind. Should need help at any time, the Dojo customer support team is never far away via phone, chat or email to assist you and answer your questions.

Dojo  Benefits

  • Minimalistic, innovative compact product design that goes with most types of residential interior spaces and beautifies modern living across the generations
  • Easy to use with real-time status information and notifications while you're home or away to keep you informed, detecting and blocking risks and privacy breaches
  • Via the Dojo App on your smartphone, you'll know constantly which devices are connected to your Wi-Fi network so you can block unauthorized devices
  • Accompanying the App notifications, the Pebble itself provides a visual indicator, changing color from green (good), Yellow (Dojo found something and fixed it) and Red (a breach was blocked and may require input)
  • Built-in intelligent learning within the system studies your home network's behavior, consistently enhancing protection 

Protect What's Precious to You

Providing a similar advanced cyber security network service for your connected home to the technology already being used to protect businesses, Dojo by BullGuard retails for $199 USD, now on sale for $99 for a limited time at Best Buy in-store and at The first 12 months of service is included with purchase, thereafter it's just $9.99/month with no contract or commitment required.

About Dojo by BullGuard

Your smart home and those you care about are precious to you. Protect both with Dojo by Bullguard. Learn more about all the rock hard solid smart home dojosafe cybersecurity solution can do for you at plus keep up on all the latest Dojo news by following the brand on Twitter and Facebook.

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