Thursday, January 4, 2018

Solar Powered Travel Backpack Perfect for Keeping Devices Charged on the Road


MBE partnered with PowerKeep for this review

Stay Powered 24/7 Anywhere

Whether you are on the road constantly for work, love to vacation around the world or are more the outdoorsy type who enjoys camping and hiking in the back country, chances are you've been caught without a charged device one too many times while away from a traditional power source. 

For sure, I don't have nearly enough fingers and toes to count all the times this has happened to me. Missing a smartphone money shot, getting lost without GPS, not being able to finish a good e-book on a flight or having enough power to check email while traveling, on top of exhausting the multiple power sticks you never leave home without -- the list of scenarios when having charged devices are essential seems endless.

Thankfully, both intrepid travelers and every day people on the go can finally put those uncharged device frustration moments behind for the last time. With the new affordable, technologically-advanced consumer solar charging backpack line recently launched by the Colorado upstart company PowerKeep in partnership with world-famous portable battery maker Energizer,  business and leisure travelers now have a power solution for whatever life throws at us.

The PowerKeep Wanderer ($149.99 and up) which MBE received to facilitate this review is a classic well-designed backpack with all the storage pockets you need in all the right places to stay organized wherever you wander for work or play. It also includes a full-featured hydration pack to ensure you always have water to drink. 

But, unlike other functional backpacks at this price point, what sets this design apart is that it incorporates the Ascent Solar Technologies proprietary thin, durable, flexible and light weight solar panel combined with the Energizer 10,000 mAh powerbank to keep you powered by the sun's rays whenever electrical outlets are scarce or non-existent.

To put it to the test, I brought this high tech backpack with me when I traveled to Cuba recently on vacation where power outlets were far and few in between to experience first-hand all the PowerKeep Wanderer has to offer. 

As you can see from the photo above of me enjoying an authentic Romeo y Julieta cigar and tasting the richness of Cuban rum for the first time, my husband and I really lived it up in Havana. Not once did I worry that my smartphone wasn't fully charged throughout our stay so I could capture unforgettable moments like this once-in-a-lifetime experience on the largest island in the Caribbean.

The best part is you don't even have to leave the U.S. to see how functional this backpack can be wherever you work or play.

Features You'll Appreciate Wherever You Wander

  • Backpack includes power bank, solar panel and micro-USB cable
  • Well-padded, adjustable shoulder and chest straps
  • Durable, flexible, lightweight removable solar panel
  • Convenient pocket on back of solar panel secures power bank and cable
  • Removable BPA-free reservoir and drinking hose, charging pass-through and multiple strategically-placed interior pockets
  • Double side deep netted pockets to securely strap in water bottles
  • Power bank includes detachable, built-in charging cable; two output ports; LED power indicator; short-circuit and overcharging protection for your portable device
  • 10,000 mAh power bank can be charged from the sun, AC or any USB charging port and used to power portable electronics such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, speakers and more
  • Available in Green, Red or Camo
  • One Year Warranty

I travel extensively for work and pleasure throughout the year and have found the rugged PowerKeep Wanderer to be the best backpack option yet for my lifestyle. As a matter of fact, my millennial son is equally impressed with this backpack from both a style and technological standpoint that he's trekking all over Southeast Asia with it before starting his post-college job as a computer engineer. 

Not into the adventurous lifestyle but still want to travel on business with ease? Then consider the PowerKeep PRO ($185.99 and up), a well-appointed and more conservative executive backpack design featuring the same solar charging technology as the PowerKeep Wanderer, to keep road warriors and mobile professionals organized and productive wherever your job takes you.

Either way, there's a PowerKeep backpack to suit the modern way you live to keep you constantly powered, even when you're off the grid. And, once you own a PowerKeep solar-powered backpack, you will wonder how you managed so long without it. 

About PowerKeep

PowerKeep was founded in 2015 to combine leading-edge solar technology with one of the world's most-recognized brands, Energizer. Led by tech industry veterans, PowerKeep designs and markets a growing line of solar powered consumer products designed to keep smartphones, tables and other rechargeable devices going. Learn more and find out where to buy at You can also stay up on the brand's newest innovations and giveaways by following them on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube.

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