Tuesday, April 10, 2018

STEM Kids Teacher School Classroom Nominations Open + Exclusive MBE Robot Giveaway


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MBE's Botley the Coding Robot Giveaway Below

As mom to triplets plus one more -- two boys, two girls all born within a year -- who is extremely passionate about exposing young children to STEM and coding, I could not be more thrilled to be joining forces with Learning Resources. With National Robotics Week April 7-15th, I can't think of a better post to be publishing today.

Sign the STEM Pledge, Nominate A School to Win

MBE's goal is to share this educational toy company's exciting new partnership with Danielle and Adam Busby, parents of America's only all-female quintuplets (best known for their appearance on TLC's hit reality series Outdaughtered)

In their role as ambassadors for the brand, the Busbys are inviting moms and dads across the U.S. to join them to sign the STEM pledge, as well to support equal opportunities for all students in science, technology, engineering and math and to nominate your child's school or teacher to receive STEM products. I just took the pledge myself today, won't you join me?

Parents who sign the pledge will also be given the opportunity to nominate a school or teacher, FIVE of which will be selected to each receive $500 worth of Learning Resources STEM products for their classrooms. 

Botley the Coding Robot Review + MBE Giveaway

Among the newest cool STEM-inspired toys released this year and now available from Learning Resources is the Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set ($79.99), which is a personal favorite of Blayke Busby.  

This programmable robot 77-piece STEM activity set is ideal for teaching little ones as young as five years old basic coding skills in a fun and engaging way. Botley's advanced features make it possible for kids to explore coding with this unique robot which can detect objects in its path, be programmed for if/then logic, follow looping commands, and can navigate an obstacle course. The best part: this toy does NOT require the use of a smartphone or tablet, providing 100% screen-free early educational play for girls and boys.

Here's how Botley works...

Thanks to Learning Resources, exclusively for our readers, we are giving away a Botley the Coding Robot over on Mommy Blog Expert's Instagram page to one lucky family to learn and play with at home.

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About Learning Resources
Learning Resources is a popular educational toy company committed to providing fun tools for kids to help them build STEM skills. Currently the company is inviting consumers to help teachers across America get a Botley the Coding Robot Activity Set for their classrooms by visiting DonorsChoose.org and the brand will match donations up to $100,000. 

For information and lots of free printouts and other resources, including Danielle Busby's tips How to Expose Kids to Early STEM Learning, visit the Learning Resources blog. To learn about all the products you can buy for your child, visit the official site LearningResources.com as well as follow the brand on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and YouTube

FTC Disclosure: Learning Resources is providing the prize and is responsible for shipment to the winner. The featured giveaway is not associated in any way with Instagram. MBE's opinions here are our own and we did not receive any payment or other compensation in association with this particular post. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.


  1. Wow! That's REALLY cool! I love STEM products. My niece wants to be an engineer when she grows up because of toys and products like this!

  2. That is so cute! I love that it helps with STEM. I'll have to get some for my nephew and baby when he's old enough.

  3. What a very cool tool for learning AND fun! My son would LOVE Botley!

  4. What a very cute product! These are the things I love my kids having. Toys that are for STEM are great!

  5. I've left the classroom, but there's still so much teacher left in me! I love the emphasis on STEM for our kids. It's great for our kids to start seeing how fun science can be.

  6. How impressive! I'm loving that there are hands on toys/activities that support STEM! We need more of this for young minds to keep up with technology and our future. Bravo!

  7. We've also been proponents of introducing kids to STEM as early as possible. That robot would certainly keep their attention!

  8. Our school's PTO just gifted a significant amount of money to the school to purchase STEM equipment. That robot is super adorable and cool!

  9. What a fun way to get our kids engaged in STEM. I think it's wonderful that 5 schools/teachers will receive STEM products as well.

  10. I think my little niece would love this for sure

  11. Love how innovative and fun Botley is! Signed the STEM pledge ... truly appreciate the initiative to encourage STEM learning 👍🏻 Hope to get lucky to win for my girl! Thank you for the wonderful chance. Fingers crossed!