Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Frugal Free Mothers Day DIY Gifts That Moms Really Want This Year

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day 2018 spending is expected to hover near record highs, according to the Washington, D.C.-based National Retail Federation. That's a near-record $23.1 billion this year. On average, that means Americans will spend an estimated $180 for Mom’s big day, no doubt on pricey niceties like brunches, flowers, and maybe even a shopping spree for hard-working mommy.

The reality is many mothers really don’t want their families to spend that much. They’d rather everyone get creative and busy with Mother’s Day gifts that are simple, memorable and less pricey.

5 Ways to Celebrate Mom Without Breaking the Bank 

For a frugal and fulfilling Mother’s Day this year here are five creative ideas from Brian O'Connell, a former Wall Street bond trader and author of two books, who recently guest posted on the Experian blog.

Say a Simple Thank You

Instead of spending a lot of money, why not just write your mother a thank you note? To get you thinking creatively, Sarah McVanel at Greatness Magnified, suggests making it your own: for example, write 20 reasons you are grateful to your mom. If you're both on social media, you could even post a note, photo and or short video honoring the mother in your life on Facebook or Instagram, McVanel recommends.

Write a Love Letter

"The most precious gifts are memories and love letters from my son," says mother Roni Lambrecht, who lost her child recently. So it makes sense to gift your mom an experience such as spending the day with her, playing games, cooking side-by-side, or doing doing something else together that she enjoys. That's a present that's priceless, that money can't buy.

Make Mom a Visual 

For $10 or less you can print 50 photos at retail outlets like Walgreens or Walmart, according to Alex Cook, NanaGram. “Sharing photos with your Mom or Grandma is a wonderful activity and can spark an amazing conversation,” Cook explains. Best of all, after you leave, printed photos remain as a constant ‘I love you’ message.

Cook or Clean

So many moms will appreciate if you help with the cooking or cleaning at their house. Kelan Kline, Savvy Couple blog, advises, “Give her coupons redeemable for cleaning her home or even her car.” Other ideas are to make a cooked meal for her at home or prepare a picnic basket and take her to the park.

Give to Charity Together 

Supporting a favorite charity by working together is another creative way to enjoy Mother’s Day. “We offer Mother’s Day gift bags that tie to the National Breast Cancer Foundation,” says Kelly Anne Parker, founder of Send Ribbon, an online gift shop that gives back to charities via specialized gift bags. 

So, What do Mothers Really Want?

They simply desire to spend some meaningful time with their children, even if it's just a long-distance phone call or a FaceTime session rather than buying them something expensive. These moms are saying they don’t need meaningless stuff. Instead, many mothers value relationships and experiences over material gifts, whether it's from an adult child or a simple hand-made gift crafted by a kid. 

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