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Tully Charlize Theron Moms Interview with the Movie Director and Cast


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As real-life mom of two Charlize Theron told us at her surprise media screening appearance with the cast, being a mother is hard. The next day, at the special press conference for mom influencers, our contingency of mother journalists delved deeper into Theron's personal perspectives on motherhood and her role in the new movie Tully (Focus Features, 2018). 

Charlize Theron Tully Interview
Photo Credit: Stacy Molter, Fancy Shanty

Along with her co-stars (Mackenzie Davis, Ron Livingston and Mark Duplass), writer Diablo Cody, and director Jason Reitman, we talked about how the film uses both comedy and drama to lead the audience into the dark shadows of motherhood that are there but that regular parents don't always talk about.

Universal Challenges of Being a Mom 

Motherhood and the way children are raised differs around the world and in different cultures in many ways. 

Theron points out at the same time that there is also the common thread that ties us altogether, "I think there's something about being a parent that just is the same for everybody," she says. 

"Ultimately, it's the one thing that I think we all share: we're just trying to get through each day to hopefully do the best things for our kids."

(l. to r.) Charlize Theron and director Jason Reitman on the set of TULLY, a Focus Features release. 
Credit: Kimberly French / Focus Features

Don't be Afraid to Ask for Help 

"There's a thing in South Africa," Theron explains. "We have this saying, 'It takes a village to raise a kid,' and I was raised that way. I grew up with a lot of people around me and my mom -- really sharing me with others.

"It was just great to grow up that way and it was always going to be how I was going to raise my own kids. I rely on those people. They are kind of like my chosen family. And I value what they bring to my kids' lives and I know that I'm not solely responsible for how great my kids are."


"I think this movie will maybe start that conversation a little bit more," Theron concludes, "because when we talk about help it always feels so cold. But you know, help can be something that's really warm -- it doesn't have to feel like this isolated thing that you're bringing in from the outside to help you. I think the more you think about it, it's just like becoming part of raising a child -- instead of just help. It makes you realize the value in that and I'm so grateful for the people that I have, not only in my life, but in my kids' lives." 

Read MBE's movie review to learn more about this picture and what I thought of this movie, as viewed through the eyes of a mother of four children who was very tired when I had four babies in diapers at once!

About Tully
With Jason Reitman (JunoYoung Adult) at the helm as director, Tully debuted at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. The script, written by Producer Diablo Cody, is inspired by her own first-hand struggles and experiences as the mom of three. The comedy/drama stars Charlize Theron as Marlo the haggard mommy of two young kids plus a newborn. Rounding out the headliners in the cast are Mackenzie Davis as Tully, the young night nanny; Mark Duplass as Craig (Marlo's brother); and Ron Livingston as Drew, Marlo's husband. In theaters May 4th. Rated R, 1 hour 36 minutes, from Focus Features.

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