Monday, July 2, 2018

Real Turtles Talk in Kids Live Action Movie


Those who appreciate good family-friendly home entertainment movies with an important message as much as I do, especially when they involve live action talking animals, are going to want to check this out. Just in time for summer, the award-winning kids video Turtle Tale from Lionsgate is now available on DVD, Digital and On Demand.

Turtles Sunning on a Rock

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Turtle Tale New Home Entertainment Release Review

To set the mood for screening this new DVD afterward at home, my daughter Rebecca and I were invited to a family influencers event at Reptacular Animals Ranch, a rustic nature center beautifully set against the San Gabriel Mountains in Sylmar, California.

First we enjoyed an informative hands-on presentation by Jungle Jane, educator and animal handler, that was all about turtles and tortoises. The kids, especially, were fascinated to have the experience of holding infant Sahara Tortoises in the palms of their hands. It's hard to believe these little reptiles will one day weigh hundreds of pounds.

Infant Tortoises

The naturalist then took us to visit the park's bustling Tortoise Town to learn more about these amazing hard-shelled reptiles. While there we had the rare opportunity to observe two large male tortoises rough housing with each other as you see in this short video I shot.

The nature center presentation and tour was followed by a lovely catered picnic lunch. Pincel Box then led a family-friendly DIY session to make some turtle-themed crafts. Joining me in the fun were my friend Jennifer of Real Mom of San Fernando Valley and both our daughters. From all the smiles on kids and parents at this event celebrating the Turtle Tale home video release, it was apparent everyone had a wonderful afternoon.

Turtle Tale DIY Kids Crafts

Turtle Tale Movie Review

Now let me get back to telling you about Turtle Tale from Lionsgate and why I think your little ones might enjoy this video release as much as we have. It's a kids comedy-adventure that revolves around a group of talking turtle friends -- two mouthy box turtles named Hank and Rafi, along with Goliath, a grouchy snapping turtle -- who spend their long, slow-moving days bickering with each other. 

Despite their differences, somehow these mismatched turtles manage to live peacefully and relatively happily, co-existing in the pond at a Largo, Florida nature park. That all changes one night when some mischievous high school students break into the quiet sanctuary, wreaking havoc as they release the animals from their enclosures. 

Tortoise Town at Reptacular

The next thing you know, movie turtle characters Rafi and Goliath spring into action to search for their pond mate Hank who has mysteriously disappeared. 

The movie's messages are ones boys and girls will relate to: the importance of responsibility and cooperation, about rising above adversity, confronting a problem and lending a hand (or in this case, a turtle foot) when someone else needs help. Just as importantly, the film teaches children an appreciation of nature as well as to be always be kind to animals.

Kids at Reptacular Tortoise Town

Thanks to the film's great voice talents -- namely, Tom Arnold, Mikey Bolts, Ambyr Childers and Lydia Hull, the turtles are the real stars of the show, coming to life on the screen with dialogue and personalities that will make you and you children smile and laugh. 

The voice over performers are complimented by an equally talented live action cast particularly the young actors Noah Schnacky (In Sanity, Florida), Mary Rachel Dudley (Bloodline), and Brandon Larracuente (best known for the Netflix original series Thirteen Reasons Why). 

About Turtle Tale 

Turtle Tale (Lionsgate, 2108) is rated PG for some thematic elements and is Dove Approved for All Ages. Offered in English with Spanish subtitles, the video has a runtime of 87 minutes. Special DVD Bonus Features include Giving the Turtles A Voice at the Recording Studio, The Making of Turtle Tale, and the Trailer Gallery. Available now on DVD (SRP $14.98) as well as Digital and On Demand. Visit the Turtle Tale Movie official site as well follow them on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to learn more.

FTC Disclosure: Lionsgate hosted us for the launch event at Reptacular Animals as well as provided the DVD to facilitate this movie review. However, opinions here are my own. See complete FTC Disclosure information that appears at the bottom of MommyBlogExpert's main page and at the bottom of every individual post on this blog, including this one.