Thursday, August 2, 2018

Five Tips to Save Energy This Summer + Lower Utility Bills

Energy Saving

Saving on Energy Is a Beautiful Thing

With summer in full swing, your family may be looking for ideas on how to save money for vacation or back to school shopping. Since one of the easiest ways to keep cash in your pockets is to conserve energy, Consumer Energy Alliance has some easy tips to share which will help reduce your energy costs.

Switch to energy efficient light bulbs and turn off when possible.

Your mother was right – turning the lights off will save energy and money. While switching from incandescent bulbs to LED can save money by using 75% less energy, natural sunlight may allow you to leave them off altogether. 

Turn down Air Conditioning and seal leaks throughout your home.

Program your AC thermostat to be a few degrees warmer, especially when no one’s home. It can make a big difference in your bill. Sealing windows, doors, and other leaks in your home will also keep cool air where it belongs and prevent dollars from slipping through the cracks. Did you know a leaky home can cost the average family $350 per year?

Use power strips and unplug electronics that are not being used.

Leaving chargers plugged in or computers and gaming consoles on will eat up energy (not to mention heat up your house). So use a power strip for electronics and be sure to turn off when not in use.

Upgrade major kitchen and laundry appliances.

ENERGY STAR tests products for energy efficiency. If you've been meaning to upgrade your appliances, look for energy efficient ENERGY STAR certified models to save money in the long fun. Did you know that Americans purchased more than 300 million ENERGY STAR certified products in 2016?

Get a home energy check-up.

You take your family to the doctor for regular well visits -- why should your home be any different? Having a professional energy auditor inspect your home and advise you on how to save energy will reduce your bills, possibly for years!

While there are many ways to save, it all starts with being aware of how much energy we are using and how to best conserve it going forward. Happy energy saving! For more tips on please visit

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