Thursday, August 16, 2018

Fun Kids Interactive Water Bottle Teaches Children How to Stay Hydrated


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Summer has begun to wind down. If you have school age children that means they've already gone back to school or will be returning to the classroom really soon. Luckily, this fall parents will have one less thing to worry about when youngsters spend long hours away from home daily. 

Thanks to the high tech Gululu smart water bottle, which was named among the top five kids gadgets by Forbes,  children will be drinking enough water. They'll be staying properly hydrated so they can focus on what really matters: staying healthy so they can do their best this school year both in class and on the playground.

How Gululu Works

Unlike traditional kids water bottles, this unique educational and fun combined virtual pet and kids insulated water bottle product pairs with a dedicated smartphone app to help kids establish and maintain good water drinking habits.

During the day, scheduled reminders which you set up in advance to drink water are delivered by the talking animated character seen and heard on the bottle's colorful screen. This encourages kids to take a sip of their water to take care of their pet whenever it gets thirsty.

Boys and girls will not get bored with their virtual friend, either. To keep the kids engaged  with the bottle and to come back to drink more water, the latest new content is uploaded to the Gululu via Wi-Fi automatically. 

Drinking water becomes a game which rewards children with virtual treasure chests of accessories for their pets and advances them to ever higher levels within the interactive world as drinking habits are perfected.

The fun doesn't end there. On the playground during recess, kids with Gululu bottles in close proximity to each other can shake their bottles and their pets will become friends. Parents can also preset the bottle to silent mode during class time and other moments when you don't want your child distracted.  At the same time, each mom or dad is kept informed about how much water your child is drinking throughout the day.

What a fun way to be constantly reminding your son or daughter to make sure they are drinking enough water -- without having to nag them for even a second. It's a win-win for you both.

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