Friday, September 28, 2018

Facebook Major Breach Today What to Do To Protect Your Account

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If you were surprised to discover you were automatically logged out of your Facebook account today like I was, you are not alone. Earlier today Facebook revealed that their engineering team discovered a serious breach on the afternoon of Tuesday, September 25, impacting millions of users of the social platform. 

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What Happened

Apparently cyber attackers hacked into the "View As" feature which allows each user to see what their profile looks like to others. According to Facebook executives, law enforcement has been notified and the issue has been fixed. 

The internal Facebook investigation continues about why this cyber invasion occurred in the first place and who was involved. 

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What's Next?

In the meanwhile, to protect users, the "View As" function has been temporarily turned off. Additionally, Facebook has reset access tokens for the approximately 50 million users known to be affected. As an additional precaution, Facebook is resetting 40 million more access tokens. 

For about 90 million users, which might include you, you will need to log back into Facebook. Once you enter the proper password and have access to your account and will receive a message from Facebook explaining what happened.

More Information

See complete details about this incident in this Security Update in the Facebook Newsroom.

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