Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Healed by Grace 2 Family Movie Review Wholesome Entertainment + Giveaway


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Finding family-friendly movies isn't as easy nowadays as it once was back in the days when virtually all children's films were G-rated. As a Mom myself, I'm always on the lookout to discover new worthwhile entertainment releases to share with MBE's audience that are well-suited for kids and teens.  

A New Movie for the Whole Family

In this post I could not be more excited to tell you about one of the most wholesome movies I've seen recently. Titled Healed by Grace 2,  the film is available now on digital and is scheduled for release on DVD on September 18. 

The sequel to Healed by Grace, the movie centers around a girl named Jesse who has asked her mom and dad for a horse for her 15th birthday. Meanwhile, unknown to her, Jesse's Mom (who doesn't really want her daughter to have a horse) finds out she may have breast cancer. 

To shield this fragile teenager from what's going on with her mother at home, Dad arranges to send his daughter away for a few weeks to stay with her estranged grandfather who runs a horse stable and riding school. What happens as the story unfolds is both heartwarming and eye opening, not only to horse lovers but for just about anyone who has ever faced a challenge straining family ties.

Check out this sneak peek from this new home entertainment release...

It's an inspiring story about a new rescue horse nicknamed Grace (named after the original horse Grace passed away) and how God works in mysterious ways.

What happens next will open up one's eyes to why it's important to dream big, to right mistakes of the past, to forgive, to reconcile, and to appreciate the central importance of family in our lives.

About Healed By Grace 2

A GoFundMe success story, this movie was filmed on location in beautiful Indiana. With a runtime of 1:32, the family/drama from Blended Planet is Dove Approved for all ages. 

Learn more about Healed by Grace 2 by visiting the official website, as well as following Blended Planet on Twitter and Facebook. Available on digital now to rent or buy on Amazon; also on DVD as of September 18.


Healed by Grace Giveaway

Thanks to Blended Planet, MBE is excited to be running an exclusive giveaway for our audience over on our Instagram page. Enter for your chance to WIN two kid- and family-friendly DVDs, including both Healed by Grace 2 and the original Healed by Grace.

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