Monday, November 5, 2018

Election Day Your Vote Matters for Our Kids

Election Day

I can't remember an election year when voting was ever this important; even more crucial than any Presidential Election Year in recent history. In fact, this election's ballot choices will impact everyone living in the United States. To say these Midterms are going to be life changing, almost feels like an understatement. Our kids care about the future and so should us Moms. Besides you know you want to let your child see you wearing your "I Voted" sticker proudly on November 6, right?

Your Vote Matters

Here's what YOU can do because YOUR VOTE MATTERS... 

How to Find Your Polling Place?

Your polling place will vary by what county and state you live in. If you don't already know where to go to vote, you can still find out online. For example in Los Angeles County, California you all you have to do is go to and enter the address where you are registered to vote. For anywhere else in the USA, try Googling for your own county to find your polling place.

Mail In Ballots Must Be Postmarked 11/6/18

If you are voting by mail your ballot must be postmarked no later than Election Day November 6, 2018 and must be received within a few days after that. Don't take any chances, take your ballot to the post office and mail it personally or hand it to your regular postal delivery person.

Bring Kids to the Polls on Election Day

Explain to your child in language she/he will understand what it means to have a say in the US political system, to live in our democracy. Then, by example, bring your son or daughter with you when you vote on Tuesday so you can be a role model for them and show how you care as much about the world and the future as they do!

How to Find Your Polling Place

Either by mail or in person, remember to vote

Moms, Let's Rock the Vote 
on November 6th!

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