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Smart Baby Bottle Monitor for Modern Moms


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by Rachel Marks
Mom Influencer

BlueSmart mia Smart Bottle Feeding Monitor Review

Are you a new mommy who feels overwhelmed with the ways your infant has changed your lifestyle? Do you worry constantly about making the right choices to meet all your newborn's needs? As the first-time mom of a baby now, I can assure you those feelings are normal and you've got plenty of company. To help relieve some mothering anxiety, I'm excited to share my hands-on experience with the new smart baby bottle feeding monitor BlueSmart mia which I received to facilitate this review. This tech device has been a real game changer for me when it comes to feeding my son and ensuring he is getting the proper nutrition he needs to continue to grow and thrive.

Smart Baby Bottle Monitor for Modern New Moms

My Personal Mom Story

Like many first-time mothers, I struggled with adjusting to so many changes at once. Even before my child was born I had decided I wanted to nurse him. However, shortly after birth, breastfeeding evolved into my greatest challenge as I became increasingly anxious about not knowing how many ounces of milk my baby was getting at each feeding. 

As much as I tried to nurse, my baby was not gaining weight and hitting the proper milestones. So, after crying almost non-stop for 2-1/2 months while breastfeeding, I decided to switch to pumping my milk instead. Pumping has changed my life in so many ways. Not only did it make it easy for my husband to help with feedings, it also gave me the ability to return to work full-time with the help of a nanny. 

Any mom who leaves her baby to go back to work knows that it isn't always easy, whether you are pumping breast milk -- like I did -- or giving your child only formula. After spending 4-1/2 months with my son, then returning to the office, I still found myself constantly distracted at work and concerned about my baby. Was he eating enough?  When was he fed last? I wasn't feeling very confident that anyone else would be able to take care of him and even feed him the “right” way.

Tech for New Moms

The BlueSmart mia Joins Our Feeding Team

Things really mellowed out and changed course when we started using the BlueSmart mia, the world's first smart baby bottle feeding monitor, a little over a month ago. 

From the start, my husband and I were amazed at how this unique product made the transition and delegation of feedings even smoother. Honestly, I wish we'd discovered this sooner because it really is an all-in-one product that has helped to put my emotions at ease while I'm away from my beautiful boy during the day. 

Tech Makes Motherhood Easier

How It Works 

To set up the BlueSmart mia you first install the compatible application on your iOS or Android smartphone through the App Store or Google Play. Then you follow the instruction prompts on the app to connect the BlueSmart Mia to your phone via the Wi-Fi. Before using the BlueSmart mia, the smart sleeve needs to be charged using the included wireless charger and the USB Cable. After it's fully charged, you turn the device on by inserting the power pin into the power hole.

The BlueSmart mia will turn on and is activated when it is moved. For user convenience, the base unit does not have to be manually turned on and off. Unless you switch it off by hand, such as to bring it on a flight or to transport it from one location to another, it will automatically go into sleep mode after 1 minute of inactivity. 

Baby Feeding Tech Gadget for New Moms

To activate the Listen indicator, which works with Alexa, all you do is say, “Hey Mia.” The Listening indicator will turn on (for up to 3 seconds) to listen to your voice. You can tell the device the amount of the feeding before and after, with the device calculating and recording your data. 

For example, if you have 5 ounces of milk for your child’s feeding, you can say before the feeding: “begin 5 ounces.” Within 15 seconds of completing the feeding, you tell BlueSmart Mia your total feeding amount. For example, if your baby only finishes 4 ounces, after the feeding say “4 ounces total.” All of the feeding data will appear in the app 1-2 minutes after the feeding is completed.

Tech to Track Baby Bottle Feeding

Product Features

  • Verbal command controlled
  • Real-time reports at beginning and end of feedings
  • Notifications during feeding alerting optimal temperature, angle, and reminder when milk has been left unrefrigerated too long
  • Post-feeding summary of amount eaten (duration, temperature, and angle of the feeding)
  • Ability to schedule feedings in advance based on BlueSmart’s recommendations
  • Journal feature on the app to keep additional information (sleep, diapers, milestones and more)
  • Fits most transparent baby bottles; baby bottle not included

What’s Included in the Box

  • Wireless charger
  • USB Cable
  • Power pin
  • BlueSmart mia rechargeable smart sleeve, available in blue or pink

Dad Mom Baby
The Marks Family

Mother Knows Best

My baby boy is currently 7 months old so his feeding schedule is fairly consistent and I already can anticipate how many ounces he will drink and what time he will eat. It still is very helpful to me that our nanny can track our son's feeding progress while I'm at the office, though. Stay-at-home and working mothers with newborns and babies younger than mine will appreciate the reminders and ounce counting the product delivers, too. 

Ultimately, the BlueSmart mia has relieved a lot of anxiety for me while I'm away from home at work and has simplified our lives as parents overall. Based on my own experience, I think other new parents and full-time working moms and dads will also appreciate all the benefits it offers.

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