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Easy Holiday Decorating with Faux Florals

Holiday Decor

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Easy & Beautiful Christmas, Hanukkah Decorating Ideas

The festive holiday season inspires many of us to turn our homes into a colorful celebration which sets the mood for entertaining and gatherings of family and friends. Decorating couldn't be easier and more stress-free with the huge selection of seasonal realistic looking Instagrammable and Pinterest-worth decorations Nearly Natural offers out-of-the-box ready to enhance your lifestyle no matter what holiday you're celebrating. 

A Sampling of Family Favorite Seasonal Decor

From pretty faux arrangements, wreathes and swags to Christmas trees, there's something here for everyone's taste. Unlike fresh flowers, greenery and real pine trees, you don't have to worry about these drying out or leaving a trail of pine needles around the house. In fact, though these floral decorations look real, they're light weight and store easily in boxes, so you'll be able to enjoy them not just this year but for many holiday seasons to come. 

Holiday Ideas to Decorate at Home

My brother Forrest and his wife Tina in Arizona celebrate Christmas. So, for their number one choice, they could not resist the Nearly Natural 32 inch Geranium and Berry Swag ($59.99) you see below. 

Red Geranium Swag for Holiday Fireplace Decor

"The vibrant red really jumps out in this appealing holiday swag," Tina says. "The flowers, delicate berries and multiple colors of greenery display beautifully. And the best part is the wide variation of ways you can show this off in your home. 

Nearly Natural Holiday Flowers Decor

"Not only does this garland look lovely on a mantle or shelf, but thanks to the strong circular loop on the back, you can also easily hang this above a door or archway. It also works well as a table centerpiece and can even be paired with candles or other lighting for a truly festive look."

Just as festive for quick, stylish and easy holiday decorating is the 27" Hydrangea Teardrop from Nearly Natural ($74.99). 

Nearly Natural Christmas Faux Floral Arrangements

"This deep red Christmas floral arrangement is a stand out," Tina comments. "Contrasting with glitter on the edges of the leaves and berries, this decoration radiates sparkling good cheer and joy as guests enter our home. Against the back drop of the detailed metal scroll work, the pine sprigs and natural pine cones make this look so alive and cheerful, too. 

Nearly Natural Faux Christmas Flowers

"The scroll design also is functional, allowing for easy and secure hanging, and shows beautifully indoors or outside in a protected area such as a front doorstep or backyard patio deck. An added plus of this floral style is it presents well on both neutral and colorful walls, and goes with just about any kind of home design from traditional and modern to bohemian and eclectic."

Hanukkah Wreath Ideas

Meanwhile, in California where I live, we are Jewish and my immediate family celebrates Hanukkah. I've always loved wreathes, though. So, looking for something with more neutral colors (other than the traditional red and green) and being partial to hydrangeas, which are my all-time favorite flower, I picked Nearly Natural's 24" Gold Trimmed Hydrangea and Berry Wreath ($74.99).

Faux Hydrangea Floral Holiday Wreath

Just like Tina's Teardrop red wall hanging, the predominantly white wreath I received is trimmed with sparkles, in this case gold glitter. 

Christmas Hydrangea Wreath

Large faux blooms of lush white hydrangeas circle around the wreath, garnished by sparkling pinecones and frosted white berries against a field of green ferns and very real-looking hydrangea leaves. Ready to hang on your wall out of the box. 

Hanukkah DIY Idea

Feel like being creative? Add embellishments to personalize your wreath like I have. This wreath is so versatile for Hanukkah and throughout the winter months to add a little sparkle and cheer to our lifestyle. 

Chanukah Wreath Centerpiece Idea

This wreath multi-tasks, too, and looks beautiful wherever it is displays. It makes a gorgeous backdrop for a festive party buffet table as well as a pretty decoration to hang on the front door, in your kitchen or on a wall of a protected patio.

About Nearly Natural

What's your favorite? Check out the beautiful Christmas Collection from Nearly Natural which includes 181 artificial, but real looking, seasonal faux floral items to celebrate the winter holidays. Whether you like one of the pieces MBE has showcased in this story -- or prefer a Christmas tree, floral arrangement in a vase, something that looks like a live house plant, or any one of their other imaginative seasonal products -- there are so many choices to choose from to fit every lifestyle.

Nearly Natural Christmas Faux Florals

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