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Hanukkah Potato Pancakes Latkes Recipe

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Chanuka Family Traditions

Jews worldwide will soon be lighting the first candle on a candelabra called a menorah to celebrate the beginning of the 8-night celebration of Chanukah. During the holiday it is traditional to eat fried foods like potato pancakes called latkes.

Potato Pancakes Recipe

Most people who enjoy this Jewish seasonal treat say that the best latkes are the homemade ones made from freshly grated potatoes, not the ones made from a mix that comes in a box. To make these mouthwatering potato pancakes you can grate fresh potatoes with a traditional metal grater (or use the shredding attachment on your food processor) or you can use a vegetable spiralizer like I did to make latkes this year.

Here's my super easy Hanukkah Latkes Recipe and some tips to make them crispy brown and delicious.

Happy Hanukkah to
All Celebrating!

Other fun traditions of Chanukah include eating jelly donuts (aka sufganiot in Hebrew) and playing a holiday game by spinning a top called a dreidel.

Chanukah Donut Dreidel

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