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Vida Emanuel European Day Spa Beverly Hills Luxury Facial Beauty Review

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Navigating the morning get-out-of the-house routine. Driving car pool. Taking kids to play dates, doctor appointments, and extracurricular activities after school. Grocery shopping and making dinner on weeknights. Few of us mothers have ever said it was easy getting through the day with children. Compounded by the blue light digital damage our computers, smartphones and other devices inflict on our skin and bodies, it's time to reclaim some me time for yourself to regenerate at a spa near you like I did at Vida Emanuel European Day Spa in Beverly Hills.

Vida Emanuel European Day Spa

For more than 25 years Vida Emanuel Day Spa has been conveniently located just a block and a half from world-famous Rodeo Drive in downtown Beverly Hills.  Free underground parking for up to two hours is available just around the corner in one of the City of Beverly Hills City parking structures. Valet parking for a fee at the same location is also offered if you'd rather have your car parked for you.

From the moment I walked in the door at this spa for my scheduled appointment, I felt as if I was escaping on a magical day trip to Europe. Sans the stress and hassle of a long international flight I could not be feeling more relaxed, even before my treatment hour began. 

A Luxury Facial Experience

Upon arriving at the well-appointed spa reception area, decorated in classic European style reminiscent of France, I was greeted warmly. The staff reminds me it's always important to stay fully hydrated to maintain healthy skin -- even more so when you are having a facial -- so I was encouraged to drink water. 

Then I was escorted to one of the day spa's five private, cocoon-like treatment rooms. After changing into a cape-like terry top, lying face up on the cushiony table, and covering up with a light blanket, the treatment session began as the lights were dimmed and new age sounds of nature and music played softly in the background.

My Deep Pore Detox Facial with Microdermabrasion and Oxygen treatment facial was provided by Christina, who is Vida Emanuel's spa manager, as well as a licensed medical esthetician, and skin care specialist. Her other credentials  include Beauty Consultation Specialist and Clear + Brilliant.  It's also important to note that she is a working mother of two young children and knows personally, from first-hand experience, how stressful motherhood and maintaining a life balance can be.

Deep Pore Detox, Microdermabrasion, Masque, Oxygen

As we chatted about her kids and my four children, Christina assessed my skin type and condition. Then, my facial was customized with the proper upgrades for my particular skin type which she described as mature healthy skin which is slightly sensitive and dry with some pigmentation from sun damage.

Christina prepped my face and neck well by cleansing it well to remove excess residue. Then, she used microdermabrasion to gently exfoliate my dull and somewhat dry skin to expose the healthier surface underneath. Exfoliation is particularly helpful to treat inflammation caused by blue light that comes from our smartphones and other digital devices.

Next was the enzyme treatment with steam procedure which you can see above as well as on MBE's YouTube Channel. This was a very relaxing and soothing process. It also helped smooth and open up my skin's surface, paving the way to easy extraction of oils from clogged pores. 

This was followed by a calming facial massage and a face masque made with organic, peaceful smelling herbs like rosemary. After the masque dried for about 10 minutes, it was delicately peeled off in one piece to lift off any remaining impurities. By the time my aesthetician applied moisturizer and sunblock, wrapping up this treatment session, my revived skin glowed. Dry spots and minor wrinkles melted away, much less noticeable, and I felt and looked at least 15 years younger.

Talk about feeling younger, regenerated, and refreshed. A week and a half later, I am still reveling in the effects of the intensive, customized 60 Minute Deep Pore Detox Facial with Microdermabrasion and Oxygen treatment I received. This particular beauty service is offered to Vida clients for $375.

To maintain the results of the anti-aging facial I received, my esthetician recommends incorporating a regimen of clinical grade products to address the need to repair, correct and prevent future damage. In-spa treatments every month or two will also help to slow the aging process' loss of skin elasticity and collagen.

Spas are a great way to take a mini day-cation throughout the year when you have a few hours free while the kids are otherwise engaged at school, camp etc. There is no better time than now to treat yourself to spa and wellness services at Vida Emanuel European Day Spa if you live locally. Outside the Los Angeles area, check the SpaWeek directory for a spa near you. Either way, why not invite a kindred spirit mom to book a spa appointment with you so you can pamper yourselves a bit together?

About Vida Emanuel European Day Spa

Vida Emanuel Day European Day Spa, founded by veteran beauty icon Vida Emanuel, offers an ample variety of skin care treatments by appointment for male and female clients of all ages. Among the array of beauty and wellness skin and body spa services to choose from are skin tightening, customized facials, waxing, mild laser resurfacing, lash extensions, chemical peels, and body detox fat burning treatments. An assortment of beautifully displayed natural, organic, medical, and European skin care products are also sold to take home.

The spa is located at 9406 Dayton Way, Beverly Hills, California 90210, call 310-246-5111 to make an appointment; they'll also accommodate walk-in clients whenever possible. Luxury services that also await include the Vida 24-Karat Gold Red Carpet Foot and Hand Facials, Signature Diamond Manicure and Pedicure and more.  Next door, you'll find Vida Emanuel Beverly Hills Beauty Lounge, where you can book hair appointments for cut, color, highlights, extensions, blow out, and scalp treatments, and other beauty services. For details visit the Vida Emanuel European Day Spa website and follow this spa on Instagram and Facebook.

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